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Love the new Route Builder feature in Strava Premium. I have only had a quick play on an iPad so far but have a couple of comments. To define a starting location it appears you need to type in an address. It would be great if there was a "use current location" option that drops the pin where you are standing. Keep up the good work guys! Tim



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  • Like some of the other users here, I'd like to be able to filter the route popularity input based on the type of ride (road, mountain).

  • Adding to option to be able to Google Street View while in the builder would be extremely useful for checking roads while planning a route.

  • Jurre Haak, I noticed this as well. Something changed in the algorithms in the Netherlands. I have to add a lot of points to go over the "normal" route

  • I'm having problems using the route builder on a Mac using both Safari and Chrome.  Even with the popular route option toggled off, the route suggestion are way off.  It even moves my starting waypoint when picking a second waypoint.  

  • Hello.

    I have been using the route builder for a while and I am an Open Street Map contributor. Whenever the Strava route builder does not route over my trail, I to go OSM and create it. The following day, I can already see my change at the Strava Terrain OSM, like shown in the attached picture "Terrain OSM.png", but when I enter the route builder and select the OSM layer view, the new trails are still not there. You have the capture "Builder OSM.png" at the same point as the previous capture. A complete month has passed and, because the OSM updates are not in the route builder layer, I still cannot plan routes over these trails.

    I think I have read somewhere that the route builder map layers update is once every three months. Don't you think it is too long? If we can reduce it to one day, then many people will update OSM just to make the route builder usable for themselves, as I am doing, and these maps will get improved very fast.

    What do you think about this?

    Best regards.

  • I've the same problem that Christian Á.!

    Please make updates more frequently for the underlying osm map.

    Sorry for my english.

  • Cristian Á: I too would like to know how often the OSM basemap for the Route Builder is updated.

    I have a road in my area that I ride regularly that was correct in Google Maps, but followed the wrong path in OSM. I got it corrected to the right path in OSM earlier this month and it shows up correctly now in all parts of Strava EXCEPT for the Builder, which still insists it is about a 1/2km south of where it actually is. If I want to plot a route that involves this road, it means I have to do it manually.

  • 8 months since I started to be an OSM contributor but nothing appears in the route builder yet. I did many and many contributions on the routing error tool ( to improve the OSM database and so the route builder. But it loses its appeal if the update frequency is too low. Sometimes, reports on the routing error tool are not relevant because of the old OSM database from the route builder...  

    Hope that the update will be more frequently! 

  • Been trying the route building feature this evening in preparation for a run tomorrow.  It's ok; I agree with above.  The beta doesn't work perfectly for trails in my area.  More than that, I'd like the ability to NOT be stuck to roads.  In my area, I have a bunch of open area where I can free-range between roads and trails.  I'd like to be able to cross those.  It also doesn't recognize entrances to a local bike path that I run, so being able to just absolutely cross over any map points would help with that.  Just a selector switch to turn off "link to existing road" option

  • I'd like the abilityto build a route by just clicking on a segment, and then choosing add. That way you can string a group of segments together into a ride very quickly.

  • Hi folks,

    I am currently having some issues with the Route Builder:


    • As I am riding a road bike the automatic planning feature currently is more or less useless, because (at least here in Germany) i cannot restrict the planning to use roads (except highways) only. The default behavior results in planning through dirt tracks and such is only suitable for mountain bikes :-( Without the proper road selection the tool is basically useless for me.
    • Please add "home" address and a "jump to home" button for the next waypoint - also a "jump to start" would be helpful. 99% of the time I am starting at home and come back there.
    • Please add a "jump to" address field for the next waypoint



    Also a great feature would be if I could enter a bunch of parameters for the planning of automated circuits, such as:

    • starting point
    • time I'd like to spend ( you should know realistic speeds from the collected ride data and could even integrate local weather/wind information for a thorough calculation  ) - or distance for the ride
    • amount of climb or calories to archive during the ride
    • eventually a general starting direction (i.e. "northbound")

    If I had this I could simply hit a button according to my training plan and have the suitable route available. Thought further the planning tool could look up the training plan intervals and build a route that fits ;-)


    For the basic functionality I would recommend to have a quick look at the route planner you can see at - definitely one of the best I've used so far.

    Would be glad to see at least the first point of that soon ;-)


  • On the fact that openstreetmap database is used for routing, why don't you use the tag "access=no" or "access=private" to avoid those paths when routing?

  • I can't seem to plot a route along certain roads I have had no trouble with plotting before. Even if I drag the plot line to the road I wish to ride it loops back on itself creating a much longer route, sometimes quite a large detour. Why is this when I had no problem with the same routing before?

  • Jules


    re :"I can't seem to plot a route along certain roads I have had no trouble with plotting before"

    They've broken it. Probably something to do with Openstreetmap which it's now using. I was having exactly the same problem with it refusing to plot two points 100 yards apart without going on a 2 mile detour!  I've given up and gone back to RideWithGPS

  • Simon H,

    If it's broke I'll be joining you on RideWithGPS if it's not fixed soon!

    Very annoying as a Premium member, paying for something that is essentially untrustworthy to plot a route in the correct way! :(

  • Route builder is driving me crazy! Recently it has become ridiculously buggy and it is not allowing me to edit existing routes or edit routes created from activities.

    The issue is that if you want to drag or reposition a waypoint it just doesnt respond. Sometimes it places a waypoint in the middle of nowhere and doesnt adjust the route to meet the waypoint. It is now often not even allowing you to delete a waypoint on routes and effectively the editing just crashes.

    Real pity as would love to have my routes all in one place but Strava you need to properly support this app and get it out of Beta or just give up.

  • It would be a great help to have distance markers on the Activity Maps.Thanks,

    hugh h

  • THANK YOU-  For MANUAL MODE -  turning this on temporarily (using the switch at the top of the Route builder page)  allowed me to take this down hill sidewalk  entry to a lake trail (Wherespan lake / chalco recreation )  that is not recognized as a path evidently for bikers.- though on satellite,  it is clearly available ,    (on the "map" version  it shows a weird dead end path) 


    -- Yes-!  Manual mode. -   

  • I would like the Route editor to have the ability to create an initial route by specifying a starting & ending point directly (using address or POI name), instead of having to search for a location, mark the start, then search for a location, & marking the end.

    It would also be nice if we could specify intermediate points directly.

  • Mouse wheel zoom does not work at the moment. I really hope it's just temporary as it's a pain to use the buttons.

  • A couple people have mentioned this already, but for the love of God, why on earth are there not mile (or km) markers on the map once a route is created? This basically makes routes completely useless for sharing. My running club has gone back to using MapMyRun and Gmaps Pedometer for posting the routes for our group runs. (To any other frustrated Strava users out there - Gmaps Pedometer is my all time favorite and is amazing. It's approximately 1,000 times more intuitive to use than Strava Route Builder.)

  • First time trying the route builder.  I click and click for my next waypoint and nothing happens.  I click to try to move the map and nothing happens.  I click on another part of the screen and I can move the map all of a sudden.  Then I can't.  Then I can create a waypoint, then I can't.  If I click somewhere that I don't want my waypoint, then sometimes one appears and I can move it where I want.  Then nothing happens the next time I try to create a waypoint.

    For now I guess I will have to find another way to build and follow routes since I have moved to a new city and I am trying to get familiar.  I'll still use strava to track my rides though.


    Update:  I was trying to build a route on top of someone else's route that I found on the main site.  Just now I reloaded the builder completely fresh with an empty map and it is working much more like I would expect it to.

  • The route builder does not display the map. Tried and in the Opera and Internet Explorer. Does not work. Before everything was fine.

  • Works fine for me.  Suggest you open a ticket with Strava.

  • Hi Michael, I am having the same issue, but for me if I use the search field (top left just above the now grey empty box where the map should be) then that solves it. You need to fill in something else though than what is there by default, give it a try.

  • Peter, thanks. It's really helps. The map appears.

  • Michael & Péter - please delete and re-enter your location in your profile settings. This blank map is caused by a stale Google location on your account. 

  • Thanks Elle, that worked.

  • Is there a way to edit CUEs?  Most of the turns just say "Proceed".  Is Strava dead?  doesnt seem like they respond to questions and havent made any updates.   

  • At the moment i find 'est moving time' slightly unhelpful. It would be much better if you could control the speed at which you are planning to run the route you've planned, this way you could work out how long it would take to run a route if you hit your splits? 

    Do you think this would be possible?

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