Feedback for Strava's new maps (OpenStreetMap)

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Strava has recently switched to maps powered by OpenStreetMap, which we understand is a significant change.

Strava is actively working with Mapbox (the open source mapping platform that supplies us with OpenStreetMap) to make sure we offer the best mapping experience for our athletes.

Mapbox gives us the opportunity to create customized maps that fit aesthetically and functionally with Strava. With open source data, errors or missing map assets can be fixed quickly and efficiently, creating the most detailed and robust maps for cycling and running. We believe in the potential and power of maps by OSM and we're focused on giving the Strava community the best experience possible. 

Where did Street View go?

Mapbox does not provide Street View functionality at this time. We realize this functionality was valuable for some athletes; we'll do our best to re-incorporate it when possible.

August 14th, 2015:

We’re 100% committed to making Strava better for our athletes, and we hear you loud and clear regarding this switch from Google Maps to OSM. We didn’t anticipate how strongly some of our athletes would react to the change and apologize that it was a sudden disappointment to some of you. We could have done a better job explaining our reasoning and bracing you for the switch, handling the roll-out, taking more time to work with Mapbox, etc.


It may not seem like it now, but we believe deeply that changing to OSM is the best choice we can make for our athletes and our company. There is enormous potential and creative flexibility offered by the new maps and we ask that you stick with us and continue providing feedback as we bring that potential to fruition.


Your reports on the quality of the maps, such as missing map data and satellite image quality, can be addressed. We are working closely Mapbox, our OSM map provider, on both satellite imagery and road data and we’re invested in improving your experience. By providing specific examples of satellite and road data, we can act quickly to update the map data.


We've noted all your comments regarding street view, and understand how important it is to you. The top use for street view seems to center around segments, in viewing segment start and end coordinates as well as viewing the road surface and surroundings. Street view is still available when creating segments, and it may be possible to return street view to other areas of the segment experience. We will have more to share on this soon.


Our designers are compiling initial thoughts on how Strava can leverage certain styles, colors and shading to customize the map experience. We are already incorporating the existing feedback we’ve received here. Please continue to send us your feedback on how the look and feel of the maps can be improved.

- The Strava Team


August 21st, 2015:

When you visit a segment page, you can now click either endpoint of the segment to be brought to the street view for that location. Or, you can select one of the options from the map view menu (pictured below). 

This addition is not meant to fully resolve your concerns about the switch to Mapbox. We're doing the best we can to respond to your feedback quickly while still maintaining our commitment to elevate your map experience with Mapbox. It's going to take time and we ask that you stick with us, and we'll continue to take your feedback to heart and iterate whenever possible. 



September 2nd, 2015

We've just updated our maps to support four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Now, if you're traveling or viewing the map in another country, you'll be able to see map labels and place names in your language. 

How it works: If you have Strava set to one of the above four languages, you will see map labels in that language. For any other language that is not supported at this time, you will see the default map which displays regional language. To change your language preferences, use the menu at the bottom of any Strava page.

This map update also refreshes imagery for the Satellite map in select areas. 


October 22nd, 2015

We're excited to announce updated maps in collaboration with Mapbox, featuring an intuitive display of map data and activity-specific styling. Designed especially with runners and cyclists in mind, we focused on a visual experience that would relay the map information we believe most helpful to our athletes: 

  • Offset road labels for better visibility along activities
  • Visually distinct running and cycling paths
  • Highlighted pedestrian areas, outdoor areas, and parks
  • Vivid terrain styling and high-contrast mountain areas
  • Lower map label density for urban areas
  • Major highways and high-traffic roads de-prioritized in grey
  • Added points of interest most relevant to activity on Strava
  • Contour lines and elevation labels on satellite view

This is the first of several map projects we are working on as part of our ongoing goal to make your mapping experience on Strava more accurate, informative and rich. 





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  • Satellite imagery in my area is dreadful. Unless this improves soon I'll be cancelling my Premium membership.

  • Put Google Maps back please! Street view is so important for planning a ride. 

  • Planning routes is incredibly frustrating using an inferior service. The content and labeling Google Maps provide is desired. I'll pay for my own Google Maps lookups; just give me the option to use it again and add the charges to my account.

  • For the love of dog, please bring back a Google Maps option.  These maps are terrible.  Satellite image quality is bad in my area, the topo lines obstruct the view in said viewing mode, and labels are often wrong. 

  • I highly doubt that Strava employees even look at this thread anymore.  They certainly aren't listening to what their customers want.  Nothing has really changed (for the better) with Strava for the past few years.  They are really stagnating with rolling out bug fixes, never mind new features.  I still can't believe no one from Strava has addressed this thread since last year.

  • Please allow using OSM maps also with heatmaps. Today I missed one turn because Google had old name for the road. The road name and sign posts had been changed one and half year ago, OSM was up to date, but Google was still having old road name.

    P.S. It seems some people would like to have Google maps, but for me riding a bike on summer time and cross-country skiing on winter time, I really appreciate the current maps with ski tracks rendered so nicely.

  • I understand that for some users MapBox works but for others who rarely go off road in our commute Google Maps is the best choice. Why limit us to just one map, why not provide both and have the user control which map they prefer to use?

    The lack of street view to me is a huge downgrade especially when I plan my routes on urban streets and not on mountains.

  • I've noticed 2 major issues with Open Street Maps:

    1. I've kept a log of the elevation predicted vs the elevation achieved on every ride I've done since I joined Strava. When using Google Maps, the eventual outcome averaged at ~72% of the elevation predicted. When using OSM, it's now averaging at ~61% of the elevation predicted. This is very frustrating when trying to create a ride with a minimum amount of elevation. At the moment I have to use a rough guestimation, and hope I hit the figure I want. Obviously this was an issue before, however having worsened by ~11% isn't great, I'd hope it'd get better instead.

    2. The feature to convert a ride to a route is still very much in an alpha stage. It creates a route longer than the route you've actually ridden, and not just a few feet / metres, it can add several miles. This is because the route created seems to consistently loop forward and back on itself for some unknown reason. This wasn't an issue before the switch, and in-fact seemed to work well with Google Maps. I guess finding the issue when working with OSM will take debugging in your website.

    Having done some development via Google Maps myself, and being aware of the rate limiting / costs, I can understand the switch to the free OSM, however at present it seems to be detrimental to the end user, and with the documented issues this will at-least be currently discouraging users from upgrading to a pro account, if not encouraging users to transfer to your competitors.

  • Finding mtb-segments is almost impossible, since the map does not show forest roads, or other landmarks easy to use to identify segments without using gps. 

  • Eyvind, at first I thought that your comment was strange as I've found OSM better than Google for mountain biking but then I took a look a the segments in your area and there are indeed forest road that are not on the map. I looked at HERE, Google and OSM and neither has these trails on the map. The good thing with OSM is that you can edit them in yourself using the tool on this page with the ability to overlay heatmaps helping in creating the trails. 

    Strava still uses Google for the segment explorer so that won't help you and it won't help you if you use a phone app as they use the local map app (Google or Apple) but it will show up on the website's map.

  • OSM for Strava is much better than Google maps - now you know which side of the fence I'm on!

    Two requests:

    1) I assume that you are using a custom MapBox style for activities on the Strava website. Would it be possible to include farmyard names in your style? I'm not too bothered about the farmyard boundary, just the name. It would be useful for navigation.

    2) Some of the elevation data in my area is out of date, eg. old quarry/mine bings show up in the shading despite them having been flattened years ago. Where does the elevation data come from - it does not seem to be possible to edit it directly on OSM.


  • Here's a hack to add a few additional OpenStreetMap renders (like OpenCycleMap) to Strava:

    It's a chrome/firefox extension and can work as a bookmarklet, too (see fix.js header).

  • Missed out 30miles the map shows me going over mountains inpossabe.

  • Really Strava!?  This is just a business decision to increase your profits by cutting costs... It's becoming obvious that even over your customers wishes, short term profits take priority...  SAD.

    Remember Strava, more choices become available everyday... your  customers will vote with their wallets, you may not get a second chance once we leave.

  • back google

  • Hi to the Strava team. I understand your choice of switching from Google Maps to OSM, it may not be for everyone, but maybe you could offer a way for the users (especially the premium users) to switch back to Google maps if they want.

    On the opposite side, please add a way in your phone apps to switch to OSM to be coherent.

    I'm mapping my area in OSM, adding tons of small roads, paths... but can't see them in the Android app because it still uses Google Maps (and Google is slooooowwwww to integrate the users modifications from Google mapmaker).

    Thanks in advance


  • The lack of Country trails and displaying wrong road junctions on the apple map cause the strava app on IOS devices only practical when sticking paved road(Busy Urban Streets), but out in the country side its like a blank green screen with nothing on it....
    It was a great idea for you switching from google map to OSM on the web medium, but now its like doing half the job but never finish the rest...??

    Even if OSM in strava app means we need a premium account to access I believe many are more than happy to do so!!!

    More IMPORTANTLY!!! (Put the beacon aside) for those who are new to hiking or trail biking which relied on you app can easily got lost and was depending on your map and do not know other map services could render helpless in the wild so I really suggest two of the most important feature you can improve is the use of Openstreetmap and the possibility for users to preload the map in the app....

    An App suggestion for you to study further: GPS Hiker

  • I know that a lot of people have been complaining about the switch to OpenStreetMap but I think it is great!! In a lot of zones in Europe OSM is actually surpassing detail-level available in Google Maps! And also on the good side, there's also places whose imagery is more up-to-date in OSM resource image providers than in Google satellite imagery. But most important of all, OSM will be forever for the users inconditionally.

  • Scroll wheel not working in map

  • @Andrew, please contact us directly to report this issue and pass along the browser you're using. 

  • @Elle There's actually quite a few things broken in the Route Builder at the moment, not just the scroll wheel zoom functionality. I logged a ticket about it earlier in the week but am still waiting for it to be allocated. It also affects all browsers that I've tried (Firefox, Chrome and IE).

  • I'm enjoying editing and improving OpenStreetMap for my local area, and the edits appear rapidly on strava and other apps/facilities that I use, but although the routing on OSM instantly uses the new data non-of the edits (even when flagged) have been incorporated into strava routing. Is there a schedule of this?

  • This is how it's done if you actually respect your users (h/t TrainingPeaks):

  • Haha, it's funny that you think the team at Strava cares about what you want. :) The lack of engagement with their paying members says it all.

  • I have to agree that this was the biggest mis-step Strava has made in it's history. The strava X extension for Chrome fixes it (you get google street view back,) but I've never used Strava for mapping anyway. 

    RideWithGps is free to join and has all the mapping options you want, including street view, OSM, Osm Cycle, Topography etc. 

    If RideWithGps can afford google maps and they have a fraction of the customers that Strava does, it seems Strava just doesn't care that this is the most heavily discussed feature. 

    As for adding OSM for trail runners/MTB's: that has to be about less the 5% of their users. So that's not an excuse to scrap Google Maps. 

  • Google Maps is bad but I'm more disappointed that Strava hasn't brought back Arrested Development tbh

  • it's terrible for MTB when using the iPhone app. The activity detail has absolutely no detail whatsoever. Be better with a paper map and a line drawn in pencil by someone. Nothing is shown except white space in between major roads. When out on the trail using a route, you just have a line which is usually fine, but often the trail splits and there is nothing on the map to check. Have to use another app, ViewRanger or BikeMap which has actually detailed maps. When viewing other people's rides in iOS, the map is simply useless, again just a blue line around some white space. Very disappointed google maps was dropped.

  • good bye strava ... your map sucked very much ...tembelek king kong

  • Honestly disappointed after switching to iPhone, knowing that the map is useless when you're not riding in the city, heck it won't even display to where I live. And yes, I'm back to asking the locals to where this road even go. 

  • Just recently I have been enjoying the open street maps more and more as things that should be green (trees/grass) ARE green!  Makes navigation so much easier!

    On G maps things that should be green are often yellow or white (e.g., Lyme Park, Wythenshaw Park, etc).

    Also, I've had no other issues with the OSV maps, so all good!

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