Changes to default Activity names

Starting August 18th, we changed the way Strava automatically names your activities. Previously, when uploading from a device (via the Strava website or via a syncing program) your activities would be titled "mm/dd/yyyy City, State" or "dd/mm/yyy Town, Region, Country". Now, your activities will follow the same naming convention as the Strava App. For example, "Morning Ride", "Afternoon Run", "Evening Run".


The default activity name is easy to edit. From the mobile app, when viewing one of your activities click on the "pencil" edit icon or select edit from the menu button. From the website, see the "pencil" edit icon to the left side of your activity page. You can also edit multiple activities from the "My Activities" view under the Training tab. 


We made this change in an effort to build consistency between the Strava website and mobile app. Additionally, when viewing activities listed on the profile or Activity Feed, activities are always listed by date making it easy to determine when the activity took place. 


September 9th, 2015

We understand that the new default activity names will not work for everyone on Strava. We welcome your comments and discussion on this thread and hope you understand that your feedback is heard and has been discussed with the Strava team. We do our best to cater to all the needs of our community, knowing that new features and product changes will impact our members in different ways. 


We don't currently have plans to revert the changes or build additional settings to customize default activity names. Our product continues to evolve and we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously. 



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  • Strava, ridiculous change, and ridiculous thread.  I was frustrated by this change and logged on assuming that there must be a simple way to ensure that millions of people around the world are not logging morning rides, or evening runs.  Stunning.  There will be an MBA case study on Strava in years to come of an example of a wasted platform, in what should have become the next big thing and made their founders squillions.  Marketing and commercial skills matter!

  • I don't mind the change. Nearly 100% of the people I follow give a custom title to each of their rides and runs. My Feed looks more like a social training log than just a boring Garmin/Training Peaks style training log with dates and locations. So adding my voice to the people who don't mind the change...but since I give a custom title to all rides/runs I wouldn't mind if it went back to the old way either. 

    I'm getting the sense Strava want to make the Feed not so dry and feel more social. I can see how some people wouldn't like that, but I do.

    Anyway, back to catching up on the Vuelta :)

  • Well, it's clear to me that this will not be reverted.

    After all I have read here, I'm convinced the decision was purely financial and that Strava took in account that a few (hundreds of) people might cancel their premium subscription. I'm not going to cancel mine, since I use a power-meter and the premium subscription does give me more value. On the other hand, my dashboard is much less interesting now. I don't mind having to change the name, but lots of people don't, so the morning rides, lunch runs and so on are endless.

    So, I have unfollowed everyone I don't know personally (including some professional riders). I have blocked everyone that I don't know personally who decided to follow me. Moreover, Strava can stick the challenges where I think, you can stick the boring film "to thank me" where I think and "you should follow ...", well, Strava, you can ...

    It will be a lot less hits. Have you thought about that?

  • Oh, I forgot. I unfollowed Strava on Twitter and Instagram and unliked them on Facebook. Not interested any longer...

  • As someone pointed out earlier this decision was probably monetary driven. Relying on the Google Geocoding API cost money. Especially if you geocode on a scale like Strava. Telling the user the change was in order to improve the user experience is utterly *****. Why not go ahead and roll out your own reverse geocoder? This is fairly easy and can be done using data from Geonames.

  • The new way is very boring and writing a custom  title is cumbersome.  I wrote to the customer support team and received this.


    Sorry but unfortunately we don't have any plans to roll this back at this time. I'll be sure to share your thoughts on this with the team. Also, you may want to add this to our Community Forums. We use these forums to consolidate and collect feedback from our community so if there is enough interest, it may be something we put on the roadmap.


    I wonder how much is "enough interest"

  • Wild guess but I'd take "enough interest" to mean "when MapBox finalizes their beta of reverse geocoding and improves coverage areas we might look into coding new scripts to bring this feature back but since it will require some level of development and testing we'll have to see where it fits in our roadmap".

    An answer like that would be more reasonable yet unlikely. If they came out and stated that it would upset even more users since it would confirm it was a profit-driven decision and make more of the paying member base upset. And if they announce they'll try to bring it back when their new mapping service provider has a good solution people will keep hounding them with "is it ready yet" and upset people when it takes longer than expected.

    Strava could also take a third course of action and use ambiguous statements and neither confirm or deny any long-term plans. This will still upset people but maybe not to the level of the other course of actions. From a business, support and development standpoint I can understand perfectly why they always do this. It gives the member base a way to vent without further upsetting them. Of course the only way to really get attention is if you're a paying subscriber and vote with your wallet. If everyone keeps paying and they don't lose enough subscriptions or other venue based on site use they'll have  no reason to change and improve.

  • Two weeks ago I said that I would downgrade from premium to free if Strava did not fix this problem.  Today, as many others have already done, I have cancelled my premium membership.  Unfortunately I was on the yearly plan, but even if Strava ever gets it's act together and fixes this problem (and others) I will never again sign up for the yearly membership plan.  

    As some have noted, this is almost certainly a financial decision on the part of Strava.  The only way to get them to pay attention is to hit them where it really hurts - their bank account.  If enough people cancel their premium membership it might, just might, get Strava to pay attention to their customers.  Really pay attention as opposed to just mouthing words to try to calm us down and make us shut up and go away (while remaining premium members of course).

  • Okay....I followed the others and cancelled my premium membership. Just do it!

  • As a result of this major step back in functionality due to the default activity name change, I have cancelled my premium membership. I have let Strava staff know that I have cancelled my premium membership as a direct result of this change. What did it for me is the "official" response from Strava on September 9 that they have no plans to revert the changes. This has forced my hand to retract my support for Strava by cancelling my membership. Going to start looking at other platform alternatives (hopefully the other platforms see the opportunity and jump on it). I truly do hope that other premium users follow suit and cancel their premium memberships. It is perhaps the only way we have to forcing some change. Shame on Strava for not listening to feeback.

  • Do not like this at all. This is a step backward in functionality. Please change it back.


  • The new naming is so lame and boring. At least give users the option of defining a default activity name. The code is not hard.

  • Thanks for the response from team Strava. As many others here I have taken their feedback seriously and ended my premium subscription. 

  • I have said it before - I don't like the selection of a town, not necessarily the one where the ride starts, and we should all be naming our own rides.

    It is really noit an issue wish people here would find something important to complain about

  • I would like to add my voice of disappointment/discontent. The names were really nice and one could easily see where your friends have been cycling or running. Now it is absolutely useless. I am also weighing up my options to stay premium or to drop it.

    Really a silly move from Strava!

  • Bob - when 95+% of people respond in the negative, then quite clearly it is an issue for a LOT of people!

    The change of naming convention is bad enough, but when Strava ask for our feedback on the change and the answer is a resounding "change it back" and they turn around and basically say - well actually we don't really care what you think, then that is what has pissed a lot of people off (and it's not just on this one issue). It appears it was changed for a business decision but nobody has the balls to come out and say why.

    I am thankful that Elle makes an effort to at least respond to people when she effectively has her hands tied and often cops a lot of criticism for changes that are out of her control - keep up the good work Elle.

  • Almost ONE MONTH from the first complain and Strava didn't change or explain anything. Why do you guys leave a Forum for users if you don't care about what we are talking about?

  • change it back!  

  • This is ridiculous! Why don't Strava listen to paying customers and keeping up improving the site?! Change it back or make it an option! DO IT NOW - or atleast give us a good answer!
  • "Lunch Ride". That is just wrong. It's Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. 

    Can we have this change to "Dinner Ride" please?

  • Lol Nick

  • I'm in the minority here but I see the change as an improvement; as a MTBer the locations  were seldom correct (the "nearest town" could be many miles away and in the wrong direction)  and would need editing. Also when I'd upload from a file the location would be my house and that would need changing also.  I think it's fine they way it is now, the rest of you complainers are just lazy bums!

  • Welsh Andy, is that lol "laughing out loud" or "lots of luck" trying to get Strava to change/fix anything?

  • This is ridiculous! Will cancel my premium membership asap and also stop buying anything from the shop.
  • I would prefer the start location and date to be the default.  STAVA, you should listen to your customers and give us what we want!

  • @Paul Liebenberg

    The automated date/location titles are almost secondary here - the point that 99% of people are making here is that Strava is asking for our opinion on a change they've made when they have absolutely no intention of changing it back. That is not a great way to run a business.

    @Marwen - I think you may have just redefined LOL.....

  • It'd be nice if Strava shared their rational behind sticking to the change but based on the activity in this thread, it's easy to understand why they don't want to open that can of worms.


    FWIW, I'm stoked to have Live Segments on my 510 (excellent surprise from Strava/Garmin) and couldn't care less about the naming change. It has, however, been somewhat amusing reading thru the long-winded complaints from those despising the thought of taking a couple seconds to personalize their ride title.

  • Jonnyknight, I do change my ride titles. I add the date to them and usually give a descriptive title.  Doing one only is also not too bad.  Sure you have to open you ride, then open the edit pane, then get some text in and it's tolerable. Once. Provided everyone does it.  However, there are two things you've overlooked here. Uploading multiple activities at once and also having all your friends (followed athletes) do the same.


    While I have my Garmin synced to my phone I don't religiously make sure it always connects via bluetooth and/or go straight into Strava immediately following a ride.  It's not unusual for me (and I would also assume others) to upload a bunch of activities in one hit. Thus, at a quick glance I can no longer  distinguish between my activities.  I'm not going to argue that I can't find the date and/or location, but it's a lot more difficult than I could before, as these components are typically more integral than the time of day.  To add to this sometimes if I'm away racing and I'll upload the file automatically but not change it, I'll get a notification that "X has given you Kudos on Morning Ride".  I wonder which morning ride it was?


    The other factor is your friends timing in changing titles, if at all.  Go on a bunch ride where people meet from multiple directions and many people WON'T change their title.  That is fine, it's their perogative to not give a stuff.  However, as a number of users have mentioned the feed now looks bland and horrible.  6 people went together on 'Evening ride'. Often it's not just about you, but how you interact with everyone else.

  • "we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously. ..."

    Yeah, not so much. Look at HOW MANY people HATE these generic titles. But Strava could not care less. Unbelievable. 

  • Right! It isn't about whether you are lazy enough to not change your activity titles. It is about activities in your feed. One of my friends does very interesting and challenging runs in mountains that inspire me to go out and try the same. But he doesn't care about changing titles. Now they all are morning runs and I have to open the map for each and zoom out trying to figure out where he ran and whether it is something I should pay attention to. Before the change I could mostly guess based on the location in the title.

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