Changes to default Activity names

Starting August 18th, we changed the way Strava automatically names your activities. Previously, when uploading from a device (via the Strava website or via a syncing program) your activities would be titled "mm/dd/yyyy City, State" or "dd/mm/yyy Town, Region, Country". Now, your activities will follow the same naming convention as the Strava App. For example, "Morning Ride", "Afternoon Run", "Evening Run".


The default activity name is easy to edit. From the mobile app, when viewing one of your activities click on the "pencil" edit icon or select edit from the menu button. From the website, see the "pencil" edit icon to the left side of your activity page. You can also edit multiple activities from the "My Activities" view under the Training tab. 


We made this change in an effort to build consistency between the Strava website and mobile app. Additionally, when viewing activities listed on the profile or Activity Feed, activities are always listed by date making it easy to determine when the activity took place. 


September 9th, 2015

We understand that the new default activity names will not work for everyone on Strava. We welcome your comments and discussion on this thread and hope you understand that your feedback is heard and has been discussed with the Strava team. We do our best to cater to all the needs of our community, knowing that new features and product changes will impact our members in different ways. 


We don't currently have plans to revert the changes or build additional settings to customize default activity names. Our product continues to evolve and we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously. 



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  • I would subscribe to Premium if you change it back. It's amazing to me they won't at least make it an option. Heck, make it a premium only option. At this point it seems like they are just not doing it for the sake of being stubborn. Lousy way to treat there customers. Shouldn't a buisiness try to give there customers what they want?

  • "We don't currently have plans to revert the changes or build additional settings to customize default activity names. Our product continues to evolve and we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously."

    Please give customers the option of setting custom default activity names. 

    We now have over a year and a half worth of posts from Strava users asking for custom default activity names.

    It seems that within any of these community posts, a Strava representative claims that they take feedback seriously, yet offer no plans to implement the feedback and instead ignore all user feedback. 

  • I really dislike having to change all of my names. Especially since I travel with my bike a lot and I want to find good rides in places I have been before. Now I have to try and remember when exactly I was there. Before, I could just search my rides by location. I am a HUGE proponent of the old way of date and location. 

    If strava could do it before, they can do it again. Whats the point of Morning Ride etc, anyway? 

  • Give it up.  Strava does not care about you.  Or any of us.  I think that they are probably sitting in their ivory tower laughing their heads off at every post on this thread.  If enough people cancelled their premium memberships (as I and many on this thread have done) it might make a difference,  But I guess not enough people care and Strava certainly does not seem to give a d*mn what we think.  I have been on this thread since the very beginning and other than a few half hearted attempts to divert our attention Strava has done NOTHING to correct this issue.  So much for their customer support and caring about their users,

  • If we could at least choose what will be automatically written in the morning, lunch, afternoon and evening rides it would be better. A ride of almost 3 hours is not a "Lunch ride" just because it started when you go to lunch, and I am not Italian to have a 3 hours lunch anyway.

    Just a simple selection option on what to show for the predetermined times would be better.



  • Starting around August 18th I noticed that there is no longer an activity name populating the title field.  How do I get it back?  Manually entering it every time sucks.

  • wow so amazing that something simple enough for a 6th grader to program and after 15 pages (428 comments) of forum posts and 2 years, Strava still ignores you.

  • I just uploaded all my activities from Garmin (trying out Strava for the first time) and I am not happy.  Everything is now named Lunch run.  That *really* helps me distinguish between the activities (sarcasm, in case you missed it).  It may be "easy" to manually change one activity, but I now need to manually change 100s of activities because Strava stripped the location data from the name.  I had hoped Strava would be an improvement on Garmin Connect, but so far, I am not impressed.  As Strava hasn't changes back to a location name and date in the last 2 year, I doubt they will now.


  • If this isn't changed I'm going to stop using Strava.  My exercise descriptions are accurate in Garmin (Strength Training, Punching Bag, Cleveland Run) and then become "Lunch Activity" in Strava when exported.  I don't have time to manually fix this every time!

  • Maybe someone outside of strava should code a script doing the changes. 
    The API is capable of doing that:

  • Why can't I change ride name on computer?

  • Strava recognizes when I have ran a route more than once.  I think it would be great if Strava would allow me to do one of two things.

    1. Let me choose which activity, should be used as the default name for future runs of the same route.

    2. Use the first or last activity on a route to be used as the default name.

  • Please bring back the default activity names in the app.  Make it an option if people really dislike it that much.

  • I have recently bought a Garmin Edge 520. I am syncing via the device through mobile Garmin Connect app to Strava. Although I have checked all settings are in English, the ride status shows as Spanish. I can't understand why this is happening. Any ideas. 

  • @Robin: This is a discussion about a specific FEATURE! Please don't hijack it for your ISSUE. There a other places where here where you get all the support you need. Thanks

  • @Günther Bosch, do you really think anyone’s paying attention to this thread anymore? Bwahahahah, hijack away for all Strava gives a shit!!! @Robin Wells, ask questions about your kids, one eyed wonder worms, why the sky is blue and the grass is green, support for your device...Anything, but you won’t get it here!!! 

  • Please bring back naming own rides i hate Morning ride, evening ride etc and why should i have to edit a ride when i know what i want to  write!!! 

    Its actually so annoying that if you dont revert ill consider changing Jeez 

  • Sadly, although Strava stated three and a bit years ago they were listening to comments on this thread, they had actually forgotten to remove their fingers from their ears.



  • Anyone posting here after reading 3 years of unresponded to complaints and pleas to “change it back” along with my message telling you your efforts are fruitless, it’s all a waste of time. I did on a side note DM through other social media a while back one of the moderators and was told that there were no plans to revert to the location naming. After 3 years. It has become the norm to take the few seconds to edit it yourself, and move on.

  • As always a change is made because the website thinks it's good. Lo and Behold, not everyone likes it. Welcome to the real world.  But instead of the humility required (we didn't think this through, we got it wrong) we get a patronising 'Yeah, not everyone likes it - but you're stuck with it' response.

    The grown-up approach would be 'Gee, we've added some code so that you can turn this pesky new feature off, or customise it the way that *you*, the customer actually want.'

    It's a new Business Model: find out what the customer actually wants, and offer it to them.

    Could make money...

  • Pfffft, it’ll never catch on @Glenn

  • Just provide the hability for user to define the default activity name.

    An option like this:

        Choose the pattern for default activity name:

              ( )   Define your default activity name: ________________
              (*)   yyyy-mm-dd <your default activity name>
              ( )   yyyy-mm-dd country, town
              ( )    dd-mm-yyyy country, town
              ( )    dd-mm-yyyy <your default activity name>
    and the other formats suggested by users here.

    Obviously with consistency between web and app

    Format mm/dd/yyyy is an non sense format for me, but maybe someone is interested on this odd format, so just add it.


  • This naming convention is downright awful. Far better to have the location by default. ARE YOU LISTENING STRAVA???

  • They are definitely not listening. The strava employee who responded to the original topic 4 years ago doesn't even work for Strava anymore. It sucks, but they don't care.

  • The powers that be haven’t paid mind to this thread topic fir a few years now! 😂

  • Strava doesn't give a f**k, they are more concerned about new fancy social web whatever s**t, than making the lives of intense users easier. That's why I stop monitoring this and other issues on this forum. It's a waste of time.

  • Strava is a social network first and foremost

    and for a social network to thrive, you need original content 

    location/date/time is not original 

    so Strava puts a mundane placeholder (Morning Ride) in to increase the odds that you'll replace with an original title


    and while this thread had had an impressive life, keep in mind, it still represents a teeny-tiny fraction of Strava's user base

  • jonnyknight may be correct.  I was one of the very original posters to this thread.  Back when I thought that Strava actually cared (as they tried to make us believe with their responses to this thread).  However, all they have achieved is to get ne to cancel my premium membership.  If I pay for something I expect my opinion to be respected *ESPECIALLY* when it is such an easy change and it worked semi-decently to begin with!  All their excuses don't fly with me.  Back in the good old days I would update my title but leave the date/location in place and simply add something like " - club ride with friends" on the end.  For years after they screwed it up I would actually go back and put in the date and place manually and then add the " - xxxx" on the end of that.  Now all I do is to SOMETIMES update the title.  I am so disgusted with the new format that mostly I just leave it.  I doubt very much that this is their idea of social network success.

  • I cant believe people are still banging on about this.

    Its placeholder text. You can change it to anything you want. You can add as much detail as you want and it takes but a moment to do this. There's typically a map associated with the ride, so I have no idea what the issue is with working out yourself where you went. As for the location by default, the start location maybe. If you are riding a great big loop or Strava or racing on a track etc - what then?? The current situation seems a perfectly reasonable way to go to me.

    Hopefully someone may close this thread, since there's nothing more to discuss.

  • If I recall correctly, Unless Strava go back to using (and paying for) the original maps, we’re stuck with what we have.

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