New cycling tags don't quite make sense

You have existing tags; commute, stationary workout

And now some new tags: ride, workout, race

You call all of them tags, and display some of them in the same way on my activity stream, but they're all over the place in terms of how they apply. An activity can optionally be tagged with either of the old tags, and must be tagged with one of the new tags. The old tag is a button on the edit screen, the new tags are a dropdown.

The term "tag" is usually used the way you used to use it, essentially allowing any number of tags to describe something. It makes sense that a commute could also be a workout, or a stationary ride could be a workout... And I guess a race really only ought to be a race... But then, that's more up to us isn't it? Maybe I'm doing an easy race event as a workout before the main race?

Simplify the tags. Make them all consistent. Just let me apply as many or few tags as I feel match the ride. And if you're going to do some processing or display differently based on the tags, then secretly ignore all the other tags if I mark it as a race and a workout, and you're making some fancy feature that finds other racers and compares

You've over complicated the UI and there's no actual benefit. If you really really care that I don't mark it as two tags that you've decided are incompatible, then make tapping one of the tags clear the incompatible ones. But I think I should be the one to decide what tags fit the ride.



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    Thanks for sharing your feedback on our cycling tags - great food for thought and we'll add your comments to the mix. 

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  • Agreed here.  The new tags really should be true free-form tags for the rider/runner to choose.  I want to title my rides in a way, but also tag them differently (ex., climbing, interval-train, fondo, course name, etc.).  Make the tags free-form and comma delimited.

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  • Yes, the quick tag for commute is good, but I want a quick tag for workout too. And also let people filter their workouts, commutes and races in a monthly and yearly review screen. 

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  • I like using the tags, but because I cannot sort and export my data or community data by these tags, they don't provide me much utility.


    It would be helpful for me to, for example, easily get access to only my commuting data. Think about the plots under the Profile:

    1) Daily activity bubble plots - plot that with isolated ride types, or perhaps color the bubbles for commuting , training,?

    2) Yearly goal - again, the facility to separate out or combine different types of mileage?

    3) The weekly/monthly chart: same idea.

    4) An export data component that allows you to export this field or export only data with a particular tag.

    5) Access to anonymized community data sorted by these tags would also be helpful.  Localized planning discussions that affect commuting routes and policies as well as road policies that would have an impact on recreational or training road cycling would be very helpful.  Off-road cycling too, for analysis of utilization of ecosystem services.

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  • I think there is potential for other tags such as TT, club run. Without going too crazy and overcomplicating it

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  • I'm pretty sure these tags are used by Strava to categorize their data when they sell it to municipal planners. It's very valuable to see where people in the city are commuting, where races take place, and where the general leisure rides are.

    I agree though, if the user gets no benefit from adding the tag then what is the incentive to do so? I'd also like to be able to Search using the mobile app, filter on tags to be able to find rides. Even generating stats and adding to the rider profile based on tags would be nice (number of commute rides per week, commute kms, race rides, etc)

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