Set custom Heart Rate Zones by typing values in boxes

I asked Strava support if there another way to set custom heart rate zones besides the slider bar such as typing them into text fields like you would in pretty much every other fitness tracking app. There is not.

To determine my exact zones I recently did a blood lactate threshold test.

My zones are very narrow - a range of about 4-5 beats for each zone.

The slider does not allow me to move the circles on the bar to the proper number because each zone range is so narrow. It would be great if I could type them in somewhere.



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  • I too would like this feature as I cannot accurately update the zones as the slider assumes a minimum size of zones.

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  • I tried setting up my custom heart rate zones, but although the sliders had the correct values when I pressed save, the wrong values were saved. For zone 5 I had to set it to one or a couple of beats over the correct value in order for the correct value to be saved. Took at least 5 tries to get the zones right. Seems like the displayed value isn't the value that's saved, but it's recalculated in a different way based on the slider position when you press save and you end up with the wrong values.

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