Elevation Gain Differences

Dear All,

Please see and compare the two activities...
strava.com/activities/526094834 - Android - 128.8 Km - 3:38:40 - 3113 m.
strava.com/activities/529557033 - Garmin - 128.9 Km - 3:38:20 - 1346 m.
What can I say for these two activities;
Same day, same route, same distance, same moving time, but big different in elevation gain! Impossible! Unacceptable! Wrong!

Please look at the picture, altitude graphics for these two activities.

Strava must leave to use barometric altimeter data!

Barometric altimeter is less sensitive than GPS.

You may see the very very big difference in the result!

Two athletes ride same route, same day.

One of them is using Garmin with barometric altimeter, other one is using Strava application on smart phone.

The elevation gains 1346 meters and 3113 meters.


Dear STRAVA just fix the BUG!

Best regards,




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  • Barometric data is likely much closer to the reality.

    The GPS track from the smartphone doesn't look very good with parts of the track being off the road (on the nearby mountain slopes). For non-barometric devices Strava ignores elevation data from the device (because it is very unreliable) and uses GPS positions from the track to lookup elevation in the database. Since the track isn't snapped to the road very well that makes the elevation jump up and down a lot more producing the jagged elevation profile that we can see on the picture. 

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  • yeah, elevation gain in strava doesn't look correct to me, usually too high. The country I live in, the Netherlands, is as flat as a pancake. 

    Yet strava on iPhone manages to attribute 100m elevation gain on a 10k flat run. I know it's flat because I'm running around a lake, water level. May be I should try some other app, because this seems to be a problem for a long time already!

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