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I am amateur triathlete and my coach use the Strava to track the training of athletes as the APP provides progress information and athletic performance.

a platform of interaction between coach and student, where the coach can create challenges, training and riding routes would be interesting. It would also be interesting to a table of targets for the coach and students.

Also the Strava could open an account for the coach through the Strava Premium, and every athlete he wins or hits the target it, the coach can win prizes in Strava store.

This platform can take Strava the main training application for performance sports.

I hope to help and I'll waiting your feedback about my idea.

Anderson da Matta.



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  • I'd also like to see a Strava approach to coaching and athletes, similar to Training Peaks.  That system while it can be very useful, looks as if it's from 1995.  Strava can do much better!

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  • Any updates on this, Strava?

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  • Hi Dave,

    What is the procedure you went through to get a refund from Strava?

    Any help you can provide to me will be greatly appreciated.




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  • Have you got the way to get a refund, Gert?

    I want to refund too.

    Best regards,


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