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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



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  • +9000 add photos to web .You have way more than enough premium members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • @Chris: Insane, right? The app won't even allow you to add photos which are available in the file browser on the Phone under Google Photos gallery. You have to open each photo one by one, choose save to device from the menu. Then update the activity. Then delete the duplicates from Google Photos.

  • Please add the feature. I usually edit my activities from my laptop and would want to add photos then, not when on my phone.

  • I would also like this feature. My phone has been in the shop for a week, and I can't upload my run pics that my running partner emailed me.  

  • I'll add my +1 - I can't believe this still isn't available.

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  • come on Strava, sort it please. download ride from Garmin to PC, same with gopro, then share on strava, would be easier to add photo directly from laptop instead i have email myself a photo to ipad and then share on strava. crazy


  • Still waiting on Website photo Support. KAK LAZY TECHIES

  • same as all the others, being able to upload photos from the website is a glaring omission. More time should be spent on these requests and less on tweaking graphics/layout of the interface. Bring back Google maps too!

  • +1

  • +1...

  • Please add

  • +1

  • Easy workaround is connect your phone to a computer and put the image in your phones camera image folder (almost always called DCIM) strava will see the image and you can post it. Of course not as easy as uploading it from your pc when the image isn't on the phone.

  • @Nishiki Stevens

    Yes, many people can do that; I can do that with my Android phone. But it is a few extra, unnecessary steps. And it's not so easy for people who don't have a device supported by the Strava mobile app (it's downright impossible, in fact!)

    The larger point is that Strava could easily fix this issue but for some reason they stubbornly refuse to do so, despite many Premium members asking them to do so. It says to me no one should be paying Strava anything if they couldn't care less about the concerns of their paying users.

  • I'm now going on about 40 days without renewing my premium subscription, waiting for this feature to be implemented.

  • I'm going on 2 years without renewing my premium membership because of this. It has been an issue for a long time 

  • OMG! How could it be? Is it too complicated or what?

  • I'm a premium member. In the past I found strava support responsive.  Now 2 years or more and nothing done on this issue.  I can't believe it.  Who stops to take photos during a fondo or race?  

  • Hello everyone - I have a workaround.  This refers to an android phone but it should be workable on an iphone as well.

    1.Email yourself the photos you want to pin to the Strava Activity.

    2. Open your email with the photos on your phone.

    3. Press/hold the photos and select download or do whatever else you need to do to download the photo on the phone.

    4. Open the activity on strava.  

    5. Edit the activity from the menu upper right corner

    6. Click the (+) to add a photo.

    7. It should open your photo gallery and the photo(s) you just downloaded should be the most recent.

    8. click to select the photos

    You can figure the rest out I'm sure. 


  • Add this support immediately, it's ridiculous that you can't upload photos for an activity on the website. I'm a web / mobile app developer, and this would take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the aptitude of the developer. You already have the infrastructure in place, so there is no excuse.

  • +1 for being able to upload photos from the web site. I use a Garmin. I don't use the Strava phone app.

  • How many upvotes are required to prioritize this over other things Strava product team is working on?

  • other projects like that crappy info graphic they published at New Year

  • @Stephen S. - bit like taking a 100 mile detour every day instead of the 5 mile direct route!

  • Wow, didn't realize I have to turn on Strava on my iphone and take a photo from there as the only method. Really? Why isn't this a simple coding fix. Otherwise gotta have Instagram? Really? No wonder I don't do paid Strava. You don't respond to requests. Must get your customer service strategies from Garmin who is equally unresponsive.

    So for you Silicon Valley techies. Can you invent a better "Garmin" and a better "Strava" ? Cyclists and Runners would rejoice. Think about it....

  • +1

  • +1 Premium member. 

    BTW, Funny that here you can upload a photo (Hmm...)

  • +5000

  • Same as above. It should be relatively simple to code this additional usability. Small team or not, this is a trivial piece of work for a substantial increase in satisfaction.

  • This is seriously not possible from the web interface? You guys aren't joking? What is this, 2007?

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