Cannot use in Bike parks as the lifts count as ascents even when Garmin device is stopped.

Ive just completed my August climbing challenge of 11,000m but most of it was in a lift in a Down hill bike park

Garmin stopped at bottom of lift, turned on again at top.

Garmin Connect correctly recognises distance and altitude, Strava ignores the stopped elements.


Solution, either map the bike parks lifts (cannot be that many), recognise straight lines and steady fast ascents impossible on a bike or discount the elements where the GPS device is stopped.





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  • I totally agree. I would really like it if Strava had a special "bike park" mode where it ignores your time on the lift. It is a pain to turn on and off Strava on your bike or your phone when you are doing lift serviced riding. At Sugarbush, where I do my lift serviced riding, most of my friends end up having to record every single run. And they flood their friends' Strava feeds. Its annoying for everyone all around. It would be much better if there was a bike park mode.'

  • Another vote for bike park mode. Currently I have had to setup a separate 2nd strava account just to track my bike park mileage. Mixing my regular road and cross-country biking with my bike park stats just skews everything so all the data is out of whack.

  • Looks like not too many folks are interested in this.  A bike park mode would be great.  Maybe if it only tracked descents or may the rider could calibrate it for the top elevation on the mountain.  I'm no programmer so I don't suspect it would be terribly difficult to sort out.  

  • Yes!!! It's a pain to stop'n'start recording on every lift and anoying to record each descent as separate activity, so people tend to just upload the whole activity. That way accent summary gets skewed, which annoys some, so they tend to flag activities. So some are flagged, others are not which also leads to very skewed segments for downhill trails.

    Simple solution would be just to add another "bikepark" type of activity which would either detect lifts or simply wouldn't count any accents to summary.

  • One more vote for this. I love using Strava as a training tool to monitor my improvements of downhill segments, but hate the fact that all my bike park time screws up my training log for vertical gain over the year. I know Strava is a pretty popular tool (some days at Whistler I see more than 50 people recording) and that's only increasing - but I guess many don't care that much about screwing up their overall data to voice it here.

  • Where is Strava here? Please add this feature or at least comment on why you're ignoring us!

  • Seeing as how this request seems to be going nowhere. There is an app called bike.park pro that many of the Whistler bike park riders are using to track their dh stats. It's basically is strava but specifically designed for the bike park stats. Would have been nice to have everything in one single app like strava rather than have a separate app. An opportunity missed by strava

  • Also it sounds like there may be plans to update whistler's epicmix app to use your bike park stats... but no eta

  • earth to strava devs... are you listening to this???

  • Another vote for bike park feature! This should be easy coding. Garmin had a activity feature for skiing and snowboarding for many years. It basically pauses the recording when it detects steady and linear ascent. COME ON STRAVA !


  • Seriously, downhill skiing is being recognized, but Bikepark riding isn't?


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