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I use a general workout tracker (Garmin VIRB) and every day I have to change the Activity Type from the generic "Workout" to "Cycling" and rename the activity. According to Strava support, my activities default to "Workout" because the VIRB is considered a "general workout tracker".  It would be great if we could just select a default activity for our activities that are recorded using devices that are not specific to a type of activity.

Actually, we should be able to set default activity type regardless of recording device (say I want to use a running watch to record cycling activities).



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  • Agree 1000 times with you. Same here with use of Elite my Etraining each time I have to change the activity to "virtual ride". I have enough in one month I can lose 15 mn doing that 3 hours per year. 

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  • How can this not be a feature? At least the app should use the last workout type used.

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