Cadence data on Android Mobile View

Please add average cadence to the ride summary on mobile.

Please add cadence and power data got he ride summary graph that plots speed, elevation and HR along the length of ride. (In mobile app)

Please also add the fitness and freshness metrics on Strava mobile.

I pay for Strava premium and would like to have these premium features available.

Thank you.



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  • Please also add the fitness and freshness metrics on Strava mobile.

    Agree 100%. It makes no sense that i have to log on to my computer to view my score. 

  • Just realised that this data isn't available in the mobile app, unbelievable!

  • +1 for adding cadence data to the Android Strava app. Its rather silly that I currently have to use the Android Chrome browser in desktop mode to view cadence data in a graph along with speed, heart rate and temperature when the mobile app could easily do the same.

  • Please add the cadence data to app for past rides.

  • I need to use my bike computer app to view cadence. It'd be great if I could view it in my strava app.


  • Hello,

    Average and maximum cadence would be informative in mobile app. And even more would be to have a cadence graph which could be overlayed (shadowed) by the speed, or even better, to be able to choose which metrics are overlayed. And if those graphs could be swiped with the finger, to see details of each point, similarly as in Garmin Connect, that would be sweet.

    But, at least avg. and max. Cadence. Please add, thanks!

  • I suspect these requests go into thin air. Otherwise by after 18 months we would have received a response as to when cadence metrics will be added or why they will not.  

  • I agree with Steve. Waiting this long for the cadence feature request does not justify paying for Premium. I get this information on the Garmin platform and would expect at least a copy cat version.


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