"Ride" or "Run" is Now the Only Start Activity Types

A week ago (before the android app update), I had to select 

"+" -> "Record activity" -> "e-bike ride" and then "start". 

Now, I don't get the option to select "e-bike ride" and the app defaults to "Ride". Therefore, I participate in regular bike segments and just got a "King of the Mountain" award this morning. I might be able to select a different type when saving the ride - and I can change it from the webpage afterwards, but it would make more sense to let me select the correct activity type before I press "Start".

Assumption: you have deliberately moved the extra click (when selecting activity type) to allow users to start a new default activity faster. That makes sense.

Suggestion: Let users change to the correct activity type at the screen with the "Start" button.

1) I can click the bicycle icon, to switch between Running and Cycling. Let me customize this list to show my (few) favourite activity types, e.g. so I can add e-bike and remove running. 
2) Just above the map on the "Start" button screen, it shows the text "Ride". Let me click and change to "ebike ride"

I hope my explanation makes sense, otherwise please get in touch and I'll elaborate further :)

BR, Jan 




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  • Exactly the same thing happens to me, please Strava support department to solve this.

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  • No comment from Strava yet - are you there?

    The "Edit activity" form allows me to change between ~35 activity types - why can I only actively do running or cycling? Strava development, what is your take on this?

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  • Yes - I have the same question - when starting to record an activity, a friend of mine has the option to choose from 30+ activity types such as hiking, walking, swimming, kayaking etc. Unfortunately I can only choose between RUN or RIDE.

    How can I access all activities when I click on "Record" and then "Choose a Sport"?

    Thank you very much for your reply.

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  • I just installed Strava on an older phone, on which I've never had Strava before, and after my initial log in, I got to select between a lot of different activities - but only for the first activity. All subsequent activities are initally either "Ride" or "Run". 

    Strava: is this expected behaviour, or a bug? Please comment!

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  • Has there been any update on this?


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  • I think Strava doesn't give a damn about the actual users. No response from Strava for close to a year. 

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