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Strava has unfairly removed several of my husband’s KOM’s. He and I are concerned that programmers or sore losers (but they’re still winners in my book for being 2nd place) flag rides with little to no research. For example, often he rides with our children on the back of his bike, and with strava on it looks like he’s much slower than without the added weight - and rightfully so - our children are on board. Does anyone know how to challenge a removed KOM? There has to be a way. He sometimes rides by targeting a certain segment, not sure if other riders do this too.



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  • Hi Megan, 

    You can read about how to resolve an activity flag here. If you need to get a hold of our reps, you can here

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  • That's pretty sad as Strava posts some clear guidelines on what is eligible for flagging.

    In my local community of riders I have never heard of an unfair removal.

    I wonder if a system like they have in tennis where you can only challenge a certain number of times could be useful...  For example, each Strava member can only flag rides or segments 10 times a year...

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  • Megan, when you say "removed my husband's KOMs", are you saying that the activity on which they were made were flagged? Having an activity flagged is not a big deal... it's just a way for someone to bring an issue to your attention (such as having forgotten to stop the activity before driving home).  If there's an actual issue, you fix it and unflag your own ride. If there was no issue to begin with (such as if the person that flagged it was mistaken or malicious), then you unflag it, and it can't be flagged again (for the same reason) without the other person going through Strava Support, which means that a clueful human must agree with the flagger.

    The way Strava has implemented this leaves a lot to be desired though, since there's no way to communicate to the flagged user why exactly you're flagging the ride, without leaving a comment.

    If you've never run into the need to flag someone's activity, I can understand how you might feel a limit would help stop malicious flagging, but I think a limit is the wrong way to go. For example, at the moment the top 18 rides on https://www.strava.com/segments/1720892 were all obviously done in a car, but because Strava *does* have a per-day limit, it'll take two days to flag them all.

    I would rather see result-based limits. If you flag a lot and they're mostly overturned in the end, your flagging should be limited. But if you're flagging a lot and they stand up, you should get a medal for helping keep the Stravaworld data clean and fair.

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