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When using route builder it no longer allows me to plot sections of the route automatically on routes that until last week I could. I have to go to manual mode however even then it still doesn't always recognise the path. It's very frustrating as it effects the majority of footpaths local to me that I can see from heatmap view are regularly used, and until last week Strava recognised. Route builder has become a redundant feature for me. It would be great if this could be improved.



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  • Same problem here!

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  • Over the last couple of years I've been an OSM contributor and have been frustrated that OSM edits did not translate into improved routing. I have just noticed that, for my area, there has been an update of the routing map so that routing works along "all" of the edits I've been keeping an eye on.

    Strava is not the only OSM based application I use, but Strava routing was why I first started editing, It's nice to see my contributions actually improving routing now...

    Thank you Strava!


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