Manual swim entry still only allows miles and kilometers despite posts claiming it's been updated

An official comment on this post claims that manual swim entries in the mobile app can select yards or meters for distance units:

I'm running Version 77.0.0 and this isn't true for me. I can still only choose between miles and kilometers. Is there something I'm missing, like it's only for iOS and not Android?



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  • I don't know about Android, but I can verify that I do have the option of meters or yards on the ios app and the choice between miles, kilometers, meters and yards on the web version.  Have you tried clicking on the box where you enter the distance? That is where I saw the scrolling option to choose between meters and yards on my ios app.

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  • I've included a screenshot to show that the current distance options are only miles and KM. Apparently only iOS has received the update.

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  • Would love to see this fixed for Android! I've been having this issue since switch from iPhone in June 2018.

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  • Seems like a simple fix. but hoping Strava will have a comment to at least acknowledge the issue. For every swim activity I enter on my phone in KM and then go to the web to update the distance in Yards. 

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  • Yes, please fix for Android app. Can't do a manual entry for yards/meters. 

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