App Crashing on Moto G5 and Moto X4 Especially with Camera Use

There's been an issue I've had with my Moto G5 phone, as well as on my wife's Moto X4 which has persisted through multiple OS updates, but which seems to have only gotten worse as time has gone on, and this is that the app crashes regularly while in the midst of recording a ride when there is any other app use on the phone, and will crash about 95% of the time if you attempt to take a photo midst recording your activity. 

Steps to reproduce:

  • Begin recording activity
  • Close the phone, put it away.  Then wake the phone and attempt to take a picture.
  • Usually just opening the camera will not crash the app, but taking a photo or video will.  The circle "recording" icon disappears from the notification area.
  • Tap on the Strava app icon.  It will then say that Strava has crashed, allowing you to re-start your activity. 

It used to be only the act of taking photos which would crash the app, but now it seems that other activity can crash the app out as well, which now requires that I periodically open the phone midst my activity and make sure Strava is still recording.  I forgot to do so yesterday, so Strava only got 1/3 of my day of skiing recorded, frustratingly, despite my phone staying in my pocket.

I know that troubleshooting OOM issues across various handsets is difficult, but there is a post-crash behavior that was recently changed as of about 3 months ago, which made it much less likely that one would catch a Strava crash.  It used to pop to the foreground and then immediately start recording again once you  tapped "OK" to the message that said that Strava stopped recording.  It now requires a multi-step process to open the app, click record, click OK on the 'Strava has stopped recording" button, then again tap start to resume, which seems to be prone to error as well.

As a feature request, yes of course I would like Strava to not crash, but falling back from that, can we get a more automated auto-restart feature?  If Strava crashes out, and there is a partially-recorded activity in the device, there seems to be zero scenarios where you WOULDN'T want strava to re-start and start re-recording automatically.  Or at least a toggle to let me turn it on, so that I don't frustratingly lose activities because I didn't see that Strava crashed. 



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  • I have exactly the same problem here.. Moto G5plus

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  • I'll echo that I also have this issue with a Moto G5 and the Strava app. I'm wondering if it's related to the OS thinking Strava is battery hungry and shutting it down because of that.

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  • I'm having exactly the same issue with my Motorola G5. I've gone through the support network and turned off battery optimization for Strava. I also downloaded GPS status to check it was connecting to at least 5 satellites as recommended. Will report back once I've been in a ride.

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  • Same issue here with x4.
    It will resume if you hit record again.

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  • I had the same problem when taking pictures or videos (On Moto G4Plus and Android 8.1.0)

    Now I set the Storage of taking pictures on "Memory card" (Camera->Settings->Save setting->Storage=Memory card) instead of "Phone" and the problem seems to be solved.

    I also deactivated the battery optimisation for Strava (but I think this ist not relevant!!?)


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  • Apologies for the delay in reporting back.

    After implementing the changes in my earlier post, so turning of battery optimization and installing GPS status check I've had no further issues thankfully.

    This has included long rides through dense tree cover and high surrounding landscapes.

    Pressing record of course works but constantly having to stop on rides to check if Strava is working isn't very useful

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