Samsung Gear 3 Strava App, not syncing and then Battery drain and Charging issues/Overheating


  • Samsung Gear 3 Frontier - Tizen App 
  • There is no topic for 'Feedback for the Tizen App'

I am having issues syncing individual workouts, but other workouts recorded later are OK.


  • Finish ride
  • physical location - outside house
  • there is WIFI but it is weak
  • the Bluetooth paired phone is in my pocket it has both a data and WIFI connection
  • Select Finish ride


Strava app responds with 'Sync failed' 

Then, go into house where WIFI is good, select 'Tap to resync', this fails, then the watch starts to overheat, the battery drains within 15-20 minutes. It is difficult to charge the watch as it keeps having to cool down.

The only way to get to the watch to stop over heating is to take it off charge wait 20 minutes, then put it back on. repeat until it is 100% (can take 4-5 attempts) and the charger goes green then the watch is back to normal.

The charger going green seems to be important, a 99% charge will get used up within 45 minutes. getting to 100% seems to reset something on the watch and stops the Strava app draining the battery

I tried turning the watch off and on, this makes no difference the Strava App continues to drain the battery

2nd attempt

After a successful ride that sync's OK, I then try to 'tap to sync' the failed workout. I then end up with the same original scenario with drained battery within 15- 20 minutes and difficulty trying to charge the watch

How many times has this occurred

I have 4 failed workouts, all of them occurred roughly the same environment where I select 'Finish the ride' but I am outside the house where WIFI is weak.

  • If I deliberately wait to get inside the house before I select 'Finish the ride'  I never get an issue with the initial Sync.
  • If I select 'Finish the ride' and there is no WIFI, then I get no issue Syncing as the paired phone has a data connection.

What I think is wrong

I think the Tizen Strava app cannot cope when the connection fails during Synchronisation, and leaves a failed attempt. This does not cause the watch any further problems as long as i don't try to 'Tap to sync' the workout.

The 'Tap to sync' option for the failed workout  appears to get in to a loop as there must be something left over from the previous attempt either on the phone or on the Server. This causes the battery drain and charging issues


I have a

  • Samsung Gear 3 Frontier
  • Tizen (as up to date as you can get in NZ)
  • Software version R765NXXU1BRD1 (as up to date as you can get in NZ)

Am using a Samsung J6 Android phone with the watch

All other apps are communicating with the watch OK, even when Strava App is in the middle of a melt down


The ride with an issue was recorded on 11-Feb-2019 about 06:10 ( NZ time) - I am unable to Synchronise this workout at all

Subsequently I have recorded a ride on 12-Feb-2019 at 06:35 (NZ Time) that had no issue synchronising


Please get a developer to review the code for 'Tap to sync' on the Strava Tizen app, it has to be a straight forward/easy to replicate issue.

I love using Strava but, now I have a ride none of my mates will accept as real as it is not on Strava.

It was also a really important ride as it was the first one with a new club and I cannot remember anyones name 



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  • The Samsung Gear app said it was up to date at 1.0.1

    Checked the store and there was 1.1.0

    Downloaded that and all is good now.


    My old rides have synchronised - I am so happy

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