Strava Route Builder For Mobile App (Beta)

I tried this brand-new Strava beta this morning, and it was pretty cool!

(It's a Summit feature. Not sure which of the 3 Summit packs it's in or whether it's all of them, as I have the full version.)

I'd plotted a route manually using Milermeter, but Strava showed me a better route through parks that had paths that weren't on the other map. 👍🏽

Useful running somewhere new! It's based on paths others follow often.

Interested to hear if others make discoveries, or find bugs that can help this beta. It could have great potential.

I did notice when plotting on mobile it only showed the route distance in miles, but my settings are in km. (iPhone 7).



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  • Where can you find this feature in the app? I can't seem to find it. I pay for summit analysis but not the other two.  Maybe you do need all three for the beta?



  • I'm not sure why I'd pay for Strava when their maps are so astonishingly out of date.  The A555 south of Manchester and over to the A6 has been open for months and was being extended for way longer than that, includes a fully protected cycle lane along most of its length and is well used by many cyclists.  And it isn't on Strava's map, so you can't plot a route along it.

  • Can anyone confirm which Summit plan unlocks this feature? I'm not a summit member, but would like to sign up to use the new route builder.

  • I can't find the feature in the mobile version. Where is it?


  • Where I am it includes some people's driveways as roads, so yeah they're not the best.

  • Ah, I finally found it. I pay for the analysis pack and I have access to the beta. It's hidden in the app but you can find it by going to Profile Tab > Routes (bottom of screen) > Plus button (+) in top right of screen. 

  • I think clicking points would be way more useful than drawing. I had a couple occasions where I just wanted to go from B to B and didn't care about the route. The drawing requires you too halfway know where you want to go. Especially in unknown territory that might end in a bad route.

    Also add search for addresses and min elevation box and this would be awesome!

  • I can't find the mobile route builder feature anywhere in the app, even after updating the app and restarting my phone. On my routes page there are no additional features, and the only mention of building new routes is directing me to use the webpage version! Also it was mentioned on my feed but nothing happened when trying to click it. Does anyone know how I can access this?? I really want to try it out!

  • In iOS (at least on iPhone 7), it's found at:

    RecordBottom left wiggly line (Routes)
    Top right (+)
    Bottom right (Pencil icon)

    Then swipe on the map roughly where you want to run.

  • Thanks for the directions, but I still can't find it. There's no plus icon or pencil icon anywhere on my routes page - other people have looked too to make sure I'm not just missing it!

    I'll report the issue to Strava and see if they can help :(


  • Can someone from Strava comment on which Summit pack(s) are required to use this?

  • Hey Folks, 

    This feature is slowly being rolled out to Summit subscribers, so if you don't have it now, you'll have it in the future. 

    Appreciate your patience! 

  • I’ve started to experiment with the Route creation tool on Mobile, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit sections after you’ve stopped drawing a line. For more than a couple km at a time I can’t see enough of the street detail on my phone screen to pick the correct streets, or my finger gets in the way. And I’ve observed off chutes on streets that I didn’t intend to select. It would be useful if sections could be extended and modified, instead of it having to be perfect on the first selection. You’ve mentioned this is beta, so hopefully this will come. Snapping to the street works really well.

  • Great that there is the start of something for mobiles. Pin dropping would be far more useful than drawing though - pretty hard to draw a route in one go.

  • Just tried this for the first time. It's dreadful. If I zoom out enough to see the whole area I can't see enough detail or swipe accurately enough to get a sensible route. You shouldn't have to make the whole route in one swipe. The strava website works better on my phone screen for route planning, and that'a saying something. :(

    Also use of Google maps instead of OSM is a really poor choice. Makes this feature useless for MTBers. :(

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