Leaderboards should take in consideration if the cyclist is riding a mountain bike or a road bike

Beside all leaderboards categories (All-time, This year, Following, etc) you could create separate categories, like MTB (and Road, Gravel and Hybrid, for example), for the ones riding different bike types. It's (almost) impossible to achieve a KOM riding a MTB in certain road segments (and vice-versa), and it could be nice if we could measure our performance against same type bikes.
If it's a Summit feature, I'm sure to upgrade ;-).

You're welcome :-D.



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  • I think at least being able to filter the leaderboards by bike type would be good. A Summit feature, I'd suggest, like other leaderboard filters.

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  • would be a great feature to have!

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  • This might be doable if you were starting from scratch, but essentially impossible now that people have been loading files for almost a decade and not designating what type of bike it was. People are not going to go back and edit all of their past files, so you will have many, many years of data mixed in that you have no way of knowing what type of bike was used.

    Honestly, people are having a hard enough time remembering to tag their rides as e-bike rides when they use that, so I don't see a lot of confidence that people will accurately remember to list their rides with the right type of bike every time going forward.

    Decent concept, just not realistic with the current status of things.

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