Distance 5k - but then it isn't

In recent weeks I have run 2 Parkruns. On both occasions Strava announced "Distance 5 kilometres " just as 

I reached the finish line funnel and both times I continued to the end of the funnel before stopping the recording. But both times the distance has reduced, once to 4.99k and the second time to 4.94k !

I know there can be inaccuracies due to rounding errors and corner cutting but surely if it says 5k it should be 5k !

How can it lose 60 metres ?




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  • Not sure, but it post-processes GPS data I think on the server/app side after... cleans up 'errors' often causes shorting of distances and ocrners.

    Typically it will add it back in if you do 'correct distance' on the webpage under the distance displayed.

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