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    Thank you to all who contributed in these discussions over the years. We’ve appreciated your commitment and passion for Strava and have taken note of the trends and sentiment you’ve shared. As of today (August 4th, 2022), we are closing these Community Discussions down for comments and redirecting all feedback and ideas to an exciting new home. Come join us in our Community Hub and tell us what you think. Learn more about the change here.

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  • My request is to implement a SEARCH FOR ROUTES by name, length, climb, a way to filter the routes. Most of we have a ton of routes made with strava, and I think that a search engine for own routes is a must!, and a way to show the routes on a list, table with details or alternative view mode to search them faster, will be apreciated too.

    I use to make and program events using routes for my club, and sometimes it is easier and faster to me to recreate the route again, than searching with paging between more than 250 routes and the only way to search between them is paging and scrolling.

    I think this is bad for strava too, and not optimal in terms of storing information, because strava end storing in their systems the same route more than once, and we (the users) end up having a ton of very similar routes.

    This is a capture from my account, showing the only way to search between routes now, and the way they are presented:

    This is the only feature that has not evolved since I'm using strava, and I think will help most of us.


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  • Feature Request: Ability to save Routes to a Group.

    Particularly with the pandemic going on, it would be the best way for members of our running club to be able to share routes with each other. They could be used for training, for virtual races, etc.

    Today, the only way to do it is to have a separate mailing list, and share Strava route links in email and the like.

    Ideally, we'd be able to compete on routes in the same way that we can compete on segments today. But, really, any way to share common routes with a group/club would be an excellent start.

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  • Hello,

    I would like o be able to filter routes in the same format as activities can, ie filter by distance, elevation & time.

    It will allow me to do more quickly find routes according to the time and type of training being targeted.

    The reason that is important is because of the route feature is awesome and the estimated time is critical for all us time poor athletes.

    Being able to easily select a route that has already been mapped (i have 200 routes) will be a HUGE advantage for so many athletes.


    All the data is there, it should be reasonably easy to implement in theory so PLEASE PLEASE support this initiative. 


    Thanks Rob

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  • Provide search also for public routes. Currently one can classify route as public, but without direct link no one can retrieve them...

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  • Improve calculation for estimated moving time. For instance according route type (road, cross, mtb) and respective 4-week average speed per ride type. Current estimates are inaccurate for athletes having mtb and road activities in the last 4 weeks. Other possibility would be to allow users to manually set the average speed per route.

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  • So, it looks like my first post was deleted. Oh well. Hopefully this one meets the criteria for a useful post.

    I would like to resurrect a long requested suggestion: adding turn-by-turn audio navigation to Routes. As an Android App user Routes is pretty useless to me, except to allow me to create routes that I then have to export out to another service that will give me this feature.

    I know that many GPS units (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) will add turn-by-turn cues to a Strava Route, but if I am using the App I do not have that functionality. This is a safety issue. I don't want to keep looking at my screen to make sure I'm following the planned route. My eyes should be on the road and any hazards that might be right in front of me. I can't keep them there if I'm looking at my phone screen. Alternately, you could add a feature to the Android/iPhone apps so that they can use the same Route files as the Garmins/Wahoos and add cues to them in the app. Is there an app group that request should be posted to?

    Please consider adding this feature soon, or at least giving us a timeline for when it might be added.

    Thanks, Tony

    Edit: Any input from Strava on if this is even being considered? RideWithGPS is doing it (as I'm sure are others) and I am paying them $6/month for just this functionality. I'm sure there are many App users that would up their membership to Premium if this were a feature.

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  • Well, this post has now been left pending (so effectively deleted) twice. Here goes attempt #3.

    Even to my white/male/cis eyes, the Routes Heatmap stands out as a particularly glaring perpetuation of systemic racism. The Routes Heatmap codifies the routes run or biked by past and current members as the primary places worth going. Looking at a map of my home city, Boston, what I see is a glaring absence of running or cycling routes in communities of color (see image below). If I lived in much of Roxbury, Mattapan, Dorchester, or East Somerville, the Routes Heatmap map would clearly signal to me that I was not welcome in the Strava athlete community. It also signals to those of us who live elsewhere that those communities are not places worth going.

    One way to begin to address the problem could be to normalize the heatmap by local user density. If Strava has relatively fewer users in a given neighborhood, but they all choose a certain route, this route should show up prominently. This is already done when you zoom in, but at a city scale, biases in the user base stand out prominently and could turn away potential users. 

    Background on previous attempts to post this message: In early June, I got Strava's "We must do better, and we will" email about racism and found it to ring rather hollow. I attempted to post this message to the discussion board but it was never published. After the "Strava Metro" email recently which suggests that Strava data will be used by urban planners to make decisions about developing bike lanes, paths, etc -- it seems just as pressing to draw attention to the systemic racism embedded in Strava's data. So I tried to post this again and it was left pending, then the forum shift deleted all existing posts :/

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  • Hi,

    After having created a route, I would like to be able to see all the segments on that route, the same way as if i have just completed the ride. Instead it only gives a short list of random segments which isnt particularly useful. I think this would be a useful feature as it will allow you to see any particularly difficult climbs or descents or even just any particularly well known segments. For example i have just created a 200km route and its only showing about 10 segments on that route which isn't useful for that size of a ride and doesn't show any segments for a large portion of the route.

    FYI: I had searched for this on Google but it only brought me to a couple of dead links from years ago so this issue/feature may have already been flagged/requested but I don't see it here.


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  • Story : As a Gravel cyclist, I would like to be able to easily find local dirt tracks so that I can plan more diverse routes. 

    Problem : Route builder, at the moment, isn't great for 'finding' dirt roads, If you have a point 'A' and point 'B', it will find recommend gravel roads but where is the best point 'B' for finding Gravel?

    Suggestion : The Strava route builder could be change to highlight (by colour or using a filter) 'dirt' tracks differently from normal roads in the heatmap feature.


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  • My problem with routes is that when I create a route from another existing Strava activity, Strava ignores elevation data from that activity and sometimes replaces it with a very spotty and often invalid elevation data that it gets from other sources. 

    That is kind of a big deal for outdoor activities such as Trail Running on a rugged mountainous terrain. Having a good elevation data is very important. Once I have the route ready in Strava, I sync it to my Garmin watch, and because of the bad elevation data many functions of Garmin don't work as expected. For example, ClimbPro is often broken or shows some nonsense climbs with 3 times as much elevation gain as the actual one, the remaining elevation when following the route is wrong, and it shows elevation elevation profile for the route that is really blocky or have sharp spikes in some places.

    Please, when the elevation data is good in the original activity to start with, Strava should just use that.


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  • When using route builder, it would be useful to be able to specify sections you would NOT like to ride. Yes, you can redirect the route, but many times I find I'm repeatedly having to tell the generated route to avoid dangerous stretches of road due to lack of shoulder, notoriety for aggressive drivers, homeless camps blocking most or all of the path, etc. It would be useful for me and others to be able to specify stretches of road/path that are dangerous to caution others against taking them. Additionally, using traffic data from google maps or other services that measure driving volume would be a nice addition to route builder when making a route somewhere you are unfamiliar with.

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  • The route builder has been frustratingly broken for many months with trails that used to be routable, that are now missing.

    Here are two screenshots, one with the full route I created back in February 2020 when the route builder was working. The second, when I try to recreate it (so I can change/correct part of the route) just now. The trail from the parking lot isn't available (to the route builder) anymore and instead it takes you out to the road, then to a private road, until it can route on to the part of the trail that is available. And again, at the bottom of the image, the available trail just stops and it backtracks all the way to the road again to come around the long way from the other side, instead of just connecting the two waypoints on either side of "Rancho Canada del Oro Open Space Preserve" label like it originally did in the old route.



    Another thing that would be helpful is a way to use Manual Mode in the middle of the route (to correct problems when the available trail/road/etc. isn't available), instead of adding from the end of the route. The way it behaves now, it means redoing the whole route from scratch, and at the moment, redoing manual route entries all over again too since it's so broken.

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  • Andy Wong 🍑📷- a few months ago we made a change to better integrate bike and foot access information from OpenStreetMap, which is a collaborative mapping project. This was to provide a safer and more informed routing experience for athletes. You can read more about that change here -

    It appears that the parking lot connector has been tagged specifically as "No" to bicycle access - - and that this is one of the stronger forms of restriction in OSM. Our routing algorithms thus have chosen not to route on that stretch.

    If you think the road has been tagged incorrectly - for example, if it were perhaps it is closed to cars but open to cyclists - you can follow the steps at to correct is and it will be applied the next time we refresh our mapping data from OSM.



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  • Hello!

    I think it would be a great idea to be able to specify a start and end point to the Randomly Generated Route Suggestions on the mobile strava app. The idea would be to input a start and end point to the app and select a Distance, elevation and surface and Generate a journey. This would allow users to quickly find new routes to their nearest coffee shop, the local grocery store or maybe even to work! This would allows users to turn even the most mundane journeys into training sessions, exploring the local area down paths they may not have taken before.

    For example, I’m cycling back from work, home is only 20km away, but wanted to stretch that ride into 50km and get some climbs in on the way. I could set my start and the end points then select from the drop down list, set the rough distance and, selecting the hilly option, the route planner would give me a route as I’m unlocking my bike.

    This would be a benefit to the time crunched cyclist or runner who doesn’t have time or know the local area well enough to plan a route through the website. Spontaneously Auto generating the point to point route would engage more users to crunch more miles in their daily pursuits.

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  • Wouldn’t it be a great feature for Strava to automatically adjust parts of routes that have not been recorded due to poor GPS? Most of us use ways for our routes that are NOT cross-country. Instead they are shown on all maps. And these maps are also used by Strava, aren’t they? So it would be cool, if Strava adjusted the „missing parts of a route“ to the routes as shown in the map. In my mind this would be a „killer feature“ for Strava – and it would be very helpful in order to get more accurate running times and in order to record the exact length of a run.

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  • Does anyone know if there is a way of showing all my previous 'Activities' on the live map screen? Similar to 'Routes' but instead it displays my existing rides. I want to do this because I'd like to explore areas I've never been to before. 

    Maybe if 'Routes' had the freedom to highlight blocked-out sections of the map (rather than stick to the existing roads) I could do this before I set out for a ride, then see what areas I need to cover?


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  • If you are a subscriber you can use Personal Heatmaps as described here:

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  • Tony Iorfino Thanks for this tip.

    Yes I saw this but I'm looking for something that displays it whilst on a live map screen (Similar to what 'Routes' does). 

    Whilst on the subject I use a 3rd party website to display previous routes which I find more clearer. Check it out, I think it's great:


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  • Looks like Strava Routes will not route across a bike-accessible bridge:






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  • I want the ability within the route creator to toggle on segments I have starred/favorited...just those segments, not a segment search that pulls the 10 most popular segments on the visible map portion.

    It will allow me to build routes that incorporate the segments I have starred. This is important when building routes that exist just to do specific climbs or sections of trails/roads.

    An example of when this would be helpful is when building routes for club challenges.  For example, I live in Flanders (Belgium), and a well known .cc website in Belgium sponsors something called the Flandrien Challenge. It requires the rider to ride through a series of segments that naturally are cobbled climbs and road sections. The official scoring (not for time, just completion) is done through Strava.  To build my routes, I had to figure out where each one was manually, then build the routes, it was tedious and required extensive route editing to ensure I captured as many of the segments as I could in each route. Giving us the option to toggle on ONLY our starred segments would speed this process, and would allow for building safer routes also...sometimes, it is safer to ride in a particular direction due to surface, traffic, grade, etc.  Thanks!


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  • Hello ! 

    My request is to have folders to organize routes. It will allow users to categorize routes by region, country, length, season... etc. I'm starting to gather a high number of routes and it is becoming hard to navigate. For example, I recently went on a multi-day trip and have drawn a route for each day of riding. I would love to keep them for future reference, but I find they are getting in the way of the routes I use all the time that are now far down the list on mobile. 

    Folders would be an ideal solution for this issue and would allow users to find their own routes more easily according to categories they defined themselves. I'm thinking that creating and editing folders could be features available on desktop only, but browsing would be available on mobile as well. 

    Thanks for reading, 




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  • Strava Routes. Add functionality to 'Search by keyword', 'Search within a route distance range', 'Search by location'

    This would allow one to easily find routes by keywords added to the description, e.g. '#gravel', '#a2b', '#cafe', #traffic free' etc. It would also allow you to narrow in on routes over a specific distance, say approximately 100km, 100miles etc.

    A further extension would be to allow searching within a specified distance of the route start point, particularly useful if you often start from different locations.

    Some of this functionality is available in the My Activities view on the website and works very well so must be easy to port. 

    Veloviewer also allows this functionality but it would be nice to have it directly available on the Strava website.

    Another option for premium users perhaps?

    Posts and also cover this.

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  • An option to reverse a copy of a route.

    I see this feature was added on Dec 5th 2020 - many thanks :)

    Useful to add variety to a standard loop, take advantage of prevailing wind conditions or to start from the opposite end of an A-2-B ride.

    One way streets might present issues to this functionality, at worst these could be ignored and left for users to correct or at best flagged to highlight issues.

    Garmin Connect provides this option as does RideWithGPS to name but two.

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  • As Enduro MTB rider, I would filter route by IMBA MTB average/max level to choose the good run depending of my daily goal.

    Those informations are include in MapBox, and update by OSM contributors like me.

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  • Why can't I search for a route on Strava any more? Folks are still dumb enough not to use ridewithgps to create routes and I'm having a hell a time finding specific routes. 

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  • A number of us have been asking for the ability to sort/filter/search routes we have created for literally years. I also like the idea of someone above to have folders, provided this didn't interfere with the sort/filter/search. Surely this would be a simple thing for you to do? I actually find it quicker to just recreate routes from scratch rather than trying to find them on my Strava. I know many other folks feel the same. I am pleased that you are trying to add new features recently but this would be a big plus for Strava vs other apps like RWGPS

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  • First of all: Thank you for adding personal heatmaps to the route editor/maker. I have until now had to use another tool to see where I've walked and not. Very tedious. I will never understand why you haven't added "Walking" to Personal Heatmaps.

    But I guess the Strava users who don't run, cycle and/or swim doesn't exist. At least it is hard to think anything else considering how little features walk activities and walkers have, even though the main difference between running and walking is the pace.

    Anyways.... here's a few suggestions for Routes.

    Makes Routes remember and learn

    I've lost count of how many times I have had to:

    • Change activity from Run to Walk. I sometimes forget to, and when I change the type, the route changes drastically, basically forcing me to having to start from scratch.
    • I prefer using the Hybrid map (which btw is very cool and useful), but Standard is... well... standard, so I have to change every time I open the Route editor.
    • And, I don't live in the US. I don't even live in America... It's good that you added the "Find my location" button... but it is annoying having to use it EVERY time I open the Route editor.

    Provide even more info

    I love the Elevation Profile, and the info we can currently get there. But I would love to see more details about the route. Info I would love to see more info about is elevation, such as distanse/time uphill/flat/downhill. This is useful as I sometimes try to reduce/increase uphill/flat/downhill, and while the timeline gives an impression, it isn't really enough for that purpose. 

    And speaking of the timeline. It would be cool if we could highlight section of the timeline to see data limited to that particular section of the route.

    Keep the activity type

    I have noticed that when creating a route from a activity, the activity type of is always run, even the route was created from a walk activity. The new route should have the same type as the activity the route was created from. 

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  • Provide the ability to "ignore commutes" when using route builder.

    Most of the time the route builder is used for leisure rides, but the route is skewed by the commute data when "follow most popular" is selected.

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  • Please allow us to search for routes by the name of the athlete who created it.  The ability to add and search by keywords or hashtags would also be very valuable.  I create a lot of routes for various groups and need individuals to be able to easily find and star them for download to their device.  At present I have to manually share each route with each individual which is just not practical.  I tried to make the move from using RideWithGPS for routes to Strava but this was a showstopper.

    The relatively new "Explore Routes" feature on the app is a good start but it doesn't allow searching by athlete or keyword, plus restricting results to the first 3 is a huge limitation.  I'd also like to see the ability to star a route without saving it.  Requiring a save just overcomplicates things when a rider simply want to get my route on their bike computer, without changing it.

    Also please add route search to the Web version, not just the mobile app.  Most people I know use the web version for route planning.

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