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    Thank you to all who contributed in these discussions over the years. We’ve appreciated your commitment and passion for Strava and have taken note of the trends and sentiment you’ve shared. As of today (August 4th, 2022), we are closing these Community Discussions down for comments and redirecting all feedback and ideas to an exciting new home. Come join us in our Community Hub and tell us what you think. Learn more about the change here.

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  • How can I create a custom challenge for my running club? I looked all over the support forum and couldn't find any posts on creating customs challenges at all. This would be an important feature because it would enhance user experience, increase club participation and provide better connectedness and motivation opportunities.

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  • How does a person or a company create an official Strava challenge? Thx.

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  • Update 6/21/2021: We've recently launched a Group Challenge feature which allows you to create challenges with your friends!

    For more information please see:


    Due to the great demand on Challenges, we are unable to accommodate requests for self-serve, club-based, or private Challenges at this time. As of now, Challenges are only run in conjunction with Strava and are done in partnership with endemic and global brands in running or cycling.

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  • Garmin offer this facility. I pay for Strava, and you don't. Surely it should be added to the list of developments?

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  • There should be the possibilty to hide challenges from my dashboard. I don't want to see who joined this and that challenge, sometimes there are 20 or so posts because people I follow join challenges...

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  • Strava has something to do about some people entering climbing challenges and showing insane amount of climbing, likely, due so faulty barometric in their devices.

    It shouldn't be difficult to detect those on upload, because, from my experience looking at a few of those activities, huge elevation spikes occur pretty much instantly, for example suddenly jumping 60,000 ft up. Strava could detect those unreal elevation changes and just automatically apply elevation correction. Simple solution, and it would mostly fix the problem. Does that sound reasonable?

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  • Auto detection of fake activities ?

    There are 168 hours in a week, but many of the challenge leader boards at the moment are being “won” by somebody who is averaging over 400 hours of activity per week. As Strava already has the data surely it would be possible to automatically flag something that is mathematically impossible ? The same guy is “climbing” 99,999m every day. Surely you should be able to detect that is fake ?

    Another person in the cycling climbing challenge has supposedly done over 99,000m in two rides.....that’s 5 Everest’s per ride. Surely your AI should be able to flag that as unreliable ?

    Update: approx 370 hours into the month of October and “Buk Lao” has “done” over 7,000 hours of activity, including one 98 hour, 470 km swim (!!), with over 899,000m elevation in 108,000 kms of activity. Something else that your AI should be able to flag as dubious ?

    One of Strava’s selling points for subscribers is full access to leaderboards, but some people are certain to wonder why they should pay for something when it is so obviously easy to cheat ?

    Why not set a maximum limit for activities, such as world record pace, and then automatically disallow anything that exceeds that. Then there will not be people “running” on motorbikes, or “cycling” in cars, either deliberately cheating or because they genuinely forgot to stop their device.

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  • Totally agree with Mike Nottingham that Strava should apply some simple checks to root out fake activities; there is a guy doing 13-second km (~275 kph!) leading the 5km running challenge currently.  With increasing age I am looking at the 70-74 age group at the moment and apart from a few dubious performances it is not too bad, but the 75+ is totally useless, being filled with people of all ages with impossible times for that age-group; I suspect that many of those have entered their age incorrectly and because it's 75+ Strava sweeps up all unlikely ages into that group.  It would be better to at least cap it at 79 and then introduce other 5-year groups up to 100, say.  The Challenge facility is great but please do something to stop it being unintentionally or intentionally wrecked.

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  • Oftentimes, a user will have signed up for multiple challenges which are running concurrently. It would be great if Strava let the user choose the banner to be displayed. As an example, I’m currently in the Poland Spring 5M kickoff and the Virtual NYCM.
    Strava is displaying the 5M banner and I would want the NYCM achievement to be displayed.

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  • I want a feature allowing you to create a challenge for a fundraising effort. By having this in Strava, anyone interested in the fundraising attempt would be able to see the basic details but then also the activities completed towards completing it. It would allow me to set a long term challenge for which people could sponsor me for. I think this would be helpful as it would provide visibility, both for me and others, to see how I’m progressing towards the overall target. By allowing people to comment on the challenge, this would allow people to post motivational messages and share my progress. This could be extended to then allow other Strava users to combine together in completing team fundraising challenges.

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  • Challenge leaderboards.

    Unless I am missing something, at the moment the only way to move through the leaderboards is to scroll down, click next page, wait for the next page to load and repeat ....which could be quite a few times until you get to the page wanted. 

    Could you have a drop down menu for positions 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, etc ?. Or be able to click up to 5 pages back or forward ?

    (if I am missing something obvious, somebody please enlighten me because I will never be on the first page.....or second or third or ..... 😀 😀  It takes a lot of clicks to get to my position 😀 😀 )

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  • The Ability to turn off "So and So joined a Challenge" in my feed.

    It's too much, I really couldn't care less. I think it's a relatively new feature, I've can't remember bothering me this much before.

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  • Strava should invest in machine learning algorithms to spot fake efforts such doing a cycling activity in a car or a running activity on a bicycle, or having a faulty barometer. I bet there are certain patterns that could be based on coefficient of variance and ranges of pace or elevation , or something like that.

    If I can distinguish cycling from running by looking at the graphs, the algorithm should be able too.

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  • There are a few monthly challenges that are segment related.

    It is unclear to me if we need to be physically at that location or if we can still participate everywhere in the world on a course with same distance/elevation ?

    For example: There are currently two such segment running challenges:

    Desafio PRO Training Camp - Correndo em busca do KOM/QOM

    Komazawa Challenge by Setagaya 246 Online Half Marathon

    Can someone explain this to me? Can I still obtain trophies for these Brazil/Japan segments all the way from Montreal, Canada?

    Thanks a bunch!



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  • Frederick....from reading the info the answer seems to be no. It seems that the first one is a triathlete training camp, so you have to be part of that. And  the other one is, according to Google Translate, a bit confusing...first the event link  says the event has been cancelled, then it says there is a virtual race, and then there is something at a famous running circuit in japan ? The challenge info seems to say it is at the athletics stadium, which happens to be a Strava segment.


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  • Please, please allow us to hide people joining challenges from our feed. It feels like meaningless spam. 🤨

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  • Is it a good idea add official Strava challanges that are on a yearly basis? For example we have distance challanges to run 100km in a month why not add 1000/2500/5000 a year?

    It sure would motivate me to run some more just for earning a badge :)

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  • Toggle to show challenges in Imperial measurements instead of metric

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  • It would be nice to have some easier riding challenges. Runners get 5k and 10k (maybe an hours exercise) and maybe other short distances but the shortest a cyclist gets is 100k which is an all day exercise. Thankyou.

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  • Please allow us to turn off putting the challenges we join in our follower's feed. You can have this on by default, but knowing it'll put a card in everyone's feed saying I joined a challenge really discourages me from joining challenges.

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  • More Walking challenges

    While running have challenges in regards to stuff like distances (per activity), elevation (total & per activity and more, there are very few (if any) challenges for walking. There are at most ~1-3 realistic challenges that is for walking (excluding challenges that are available to most activity types). 

    There should be challenges available to those who walk that are similar to the challenges for running, but reduced to better fit with what's realistic and healthy for walking.

    Here are a few challenges for running that should and can have similar for walking:

    Distance challenges (per activity)

    * 5 km walk
    * 10 km walk
    * (Half) Marathon
    * Maybe a few around, 3 km, 8 km, 13/15 km too, but that may be a bit too many.

    I have personally had 18 walk activities over 5 km and 8 over 10 km the past 3 months.

    Elevation Gain

    * Climb a total of 500 meters
    * Climb a total of 1.000 meters
    * Climb a total of 2.000 meters


    * X (for instance 2) activities/weekly for Y weeks
    * X minutes/hours in Y weeks.

    More (easier and realistic) ride challenges

    I have as of late started to use an indoor spinning bike. Unfortunately doesn't the bike have support for recording/connecting to my phone/Apple Watch nor uploading activities, and as it isn't possible to add distance to an indoor ride uploaded from Apple Watch am I uncredited for the distances. This mean that even though indoor ride is included in most ride challenges, I will never be able to reach any of the distance challenges. 

    Therefore, and until I can manually add distances to the indoor ride activities would it be nice to have more challenges. For instance activities using time. 

    There are already some time challenges for rides, but would be nice to have some easier ones. 

    Some final notes

    Have you ever thought about how challenges can lead to people overtraining and being injured just to complete challenges?

    I think you should think about how different people are in their health, fitness etc. It would be interesting if you could look into challenges that vary from user to user to make challenges that encourage healthy training that is suited based on each fitness/health. And it's not like you don't have some data you can base that on already (for instance Fitness & Freshness, Relative Effort and Perceived Exertion can both be used. 

    You have an important responsibility, and it is clear that you're already thinking about people's risk of overtraining in other parts of Strava, but it doesn't seem like this is something you consider when it comes to challenges.

    How far you can go/walk/run is one thing that vary a lot from user to user, but time is more general. I think you should prioritize challenges with small/shorter distances, and rather use a higher total moving time. Not everyone can walk/ride/run 20 km in one activity without risk of injury/overtraining etc. but with challenges based on time, can people go as far or as fast as they can, as long as they for x time. 

    It's possible that last part was a bit messy and confusing, sorry, my head wasn't really clear. So that was some of my messy thoughts... Hope some of them make sense to someone. ;P  

    Btw.... that 400 way challenge is insane. 


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  • Come on guys, add the custom challenge creator functionality. Endomondo is going to be retired by end of the year. Surely you could add this and let users create custom challenges and invite one another? That's like the only reason people are still using Endomondo - to compete against one another and keep everyone motivated, see the leaderboard and results change over time. This should also play well in terms of engagement and new user signups.

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  • Crear Desafíos, en un periodo de tiempo determinado, como tiene Endomondo, sería genial, para motivar a los miembros de un Club.
    También sería genial una tabla de clasificación de MMP "Mejor Marca Personal" por club, provincias, edades... y filtrar por 1km, 5km....... 42km

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  • Set up a club (Emigrating from Facebook group and google sheets) with that challenge of completing the year (2021 in this case) in distance. However, there is no way to show members distance for the year even though it is calculated by strava on each members individual page. Multi sport also shows time rather than distance. Being able to either join or set up a distance challenge over a full year is really needed.

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  • I'd love the ability to filter out challenges (and so many other things). Until Strava adds this as an option I've been using uBlock rules to at least hide them. Like:


    and this to get rid of virtual activities:[class*="virtual"])

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  • Good morning, I participate in Strava's monthly challenges (for cycling).  Namely cycling endurance, cycling distance challenges.  This is a great way for ultra-athletes to compete, compare, and learn from eachother.

    Recently these challenges leaderboards are overwhelmed by users uploading bogus activities (some upload 'duplicate' activities, multiple activities occurring at the same time, time-stamps that are not possible, ect).  I would like to see some sort of improved Strava-logic or some sort of algorithm put in place to protect the sanctity of these challenges.

    I have reported such activities in the past and they have been reviewed and removed - I feel this responsibility shouldn't be on the Strava Community to clean up..  Repeat offenders should lose the capability to compete in challenges.

    Please investigate, much appreciated

    - Keith

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  • Can we please add to the "to do" list a regular rowing challenge - eg monthly 100k alongside the regular ride/run/walk challenges? There's a load of rowers out here - in addition to the "standard"  Concept2 and other than time based workouts, they have nothing to show for rowing efforts. Appreciate the comment above about being v busy but if things ease up, it'd be a good to have a rowing challenge. Specific manufacturers might be interested but that'd be like asking Giant to sponsor a badge/challenge for riders of Specialised and Canyon bikes so I can only see it happening as a Strava, rather than partner, initiative. Thanks

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  • Hi

    Is it possible to create a goal such as completing the Gran Fondo every month for the year or a Half Marathon every month for a year. I can see in goals you can set a distance goal but it would be great to be able to set a specific challenge goal. This year for instance I wanted to complete a Marathon in April, if I set a distance goal for April all my training runs counted towards it rather than one specific run at some point during the month. Hope that makes sense?

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  • I really enjoy taking part in challenges, it doesn't matter to me where I am on the leaderboard I just use the challenges to motivate getting up in the morning and going for a run.  BUT it is very difficult to track your progression without opening a webpage for each challenge. On the mobile app the icon has a green progression ring around it and you can get a very basic idea (percentage wise) of how you are tracking. I am "old school" and prefer my PC to my phone and would therefore like to request that under the Challenges drop down menu you add a "My Challenges" button which houses the challenges you have joined and when opened has a progression bar under each challenge giving you the important info you need to complete a challenge i.e. distance to go, days left etc. etc.

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