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Custom HR zones do not update past activities or Suffer Scores

Hello -

I have updated my HR zones within settings, yet when I look at suffer scores for my runs, I see it based on different zones.

How can this be updated?

Thanks, Clive




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    Hi Clive, your future activities will respect the custom HR zones. Changing your zones will not affect past activities. 

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  • There should be an option to recalculate past Suffer Scores based on new custom heart rate zones.  I did not know about the custom HR zone feature until recently, and so all of my previous activity (from the past 4 months) is reflecting the previous inaccurate zones, resulting in higher Suffer Scores and higher Fatigue number in the fitness/freshness view.  I've been using the fitness/freshness curves to gauge if I'm overtraining and I actually adjust my training frequency and intensity based on this feedback, so I could probably push myself a little harder than I have been.  It would be really helpful if I could update the past Suffer Scores and fitness/freshness graph to reflect the custom zones.

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  • +1. I just got the custom zones set up (finally) and now all my past activities are set wrong. Is there no way to refresh them?

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  • Hi Elle! I have a similar problem: I recorded a new max HR a few weeks back and entered that in menu. I recognized significantly lower suffer scores since then und a decline of the fitness and freshness graph, but expected it to result from the up-moved zones und my significantly increased amount of swim training without HR measurement. Today I figured out, that since that moment, my zones - as recalculated by Strava - weren't making any scence anymore, so all following activities are in fact corrupt data to said graph. I now set the zones manually, but that will as you wrote only fix future entries. It would be really annoying if the last few weeks really were meant to be stuck like that... :(

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  • This really should be fixed

    Just another example of strava caring more about pointless ways to give kudos than actual usability by paying customers

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  • Seems like this would be a very useful option for users.  Don't make it automatic but at least give us the option to decide.  If not, why not?


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  • I know it's all about the performance but it's a very very important function I think... ;)

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  • I need the recalc function too... Must have - otherwise Trainingpeaks will win ....

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  • Also need historic events altering. For some reason my max hr was set to 2. I’ve never used all the features on Strava before and never paid attention until recently on the relative effort but my numbers are coming in in the 4 million range?? Changed hr but the ridiculously high historic events are massively affected the data.

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