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I know there is a post about this, but it was from 2015 and I think it's time to refresh it seeing this feature is becoming more popular among Android's apps.


I believe it would be an amazing idea to implement a dark mode into Strava for Android. Mainly for 2 big reasons. The first reason is, it can improve visability if you need to look at it during riding (And it's easy on the eyes). And secondly, dark mode generally reduces battery life. This would be a huge feature for people who mount their phone to their bikes and keep the screen on. It's 2017, and a lot of apps are coming with dark mode. Everybody loves dark mode, and if not.. they can disable it.



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  • Brilliant idea.

  • Yes please. 2 years ago they said they were looking into it. Apatently they don't understand its extremely unsafe to have a blinding white screen when riding at night. It temporarily kills your night vision. It's such a simple coding change over something incredibly complex like beacon. If they really want us safer they need to implement a dark mode

  • Considering that Strava was in default night mode some time ago, I find it so annoying that it takes them so much time to "invent" it.

  • So Strava? Do you talk to us?

  • With oled displays it will also use less power but safety is a main reason for this.
    Has Strava fired all developers since they are so popular?

  • Maybe Strava will be forced to reconsider now that one of their most successful vendors, Apple, has finally come in from the cold and introduced a dark user interface in their latest macOS update. I still find it astonishing that Strava's original dark version was just so much better to use, that so many users complained at the time when they switched to white and yet they still went ahead with it. 

  • Bump for this. So many flagship AMOLED devices would benefit.

  • I was just looking for this in settings on Strava! Then I turned my phoned to night mode (dark mode) to see if it would do anything to Strava, but nope. Please Strava make this happen. I ride a ton early in the morning (the only time I can get regular miles in) and having the white is sooo annoying and bright!

    It would really be cool if it used the ambient light sensor on phones so it does it automatically like Garmin does.

  • Same here, please add a night mode to PC & Smartphone I can't believe this does not exist yet for such a complete website/app.

  • It is no longer possible in 2019 to continue to develop an application without providing a Dark Mode. It is time to make this effort. Especially since it does not require a big technical challenge ...

  • Google Pixel user here, while battery life is ok with the white background it could be increased with dark mode.  Like others have said it's a simple enhancement to the product.

  • Why isn't Strava listening to users? I never use Strava as a display on my bike, because my phone runs out of battery on a long ride and at night I am blinded by it. I had to buy a Garmin and link the account to Strava.

  • Ok so, one more time...


    Dearest Strava,

    Many of us are tired of burning our retinas when trying to use your app in low light.

    Now that the cows have cometh home, can you kindly go Back to Thy Future and offer your original Dark Mode as a theme option?



  • Agree with Richard, it's impossible to ride with Strava in the night, it scares the animals of the forest!


  • Such a small thing but i literally hate strava for this, it is blindingly obvious (pardon the pun) and yet nothing for years.

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