Close a Segment (Esp for MTB Re-Routes)

Trails change, and a new re-route might make last years MTB KOM a current impossibility (trail lengthened), or a confusingly low benchmark (trail shortened / sanitized.)

What about a way to close a segment's leaderboard in this instance, and open a new one?

Would likely need to be "curated" by a trusted source to prevent an explosion of one-off segment creations / freezes just to inflate personal KOM's. Also, standardizing criteria for "how much change is sufficient" in a trail would be challenging. 



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  • Agreed. This is the only option when the trails gets re-routed.

    I would also suggest a flag to mark the segment as "newly built" - so that it would not match any previous activities.

    One way around the speculative segment creation would be to allow only the segment owner to close the segment and create the replacement. This would require addressing inactive users - that could be done via support.

    This would naturally require to implement contacting the segment owner.


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