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Show Watopia Map Overlay instead of OpenStreetMap for Virtual Zwift rides

There is a map for Watopia on Zwiftblog ( Instead of showing the OpenStreetMap for Virtual Zwift rides it would be great to show this map as an overlay (just like the satellite view) on the map. An example would look a bit like in the image below showing a ride on the mountain course on Watopia.

Therefore you would need to get the permission of Zwiftblog to use it and add the following code to add a mapOverlay containing the image:

var URL= "Please insert url to map image here"
var bounds = new L.LatLngBounds(new L.LatLng(-11.7036478243,166.933210596),new L.LatLng(-11.6221812647,166.988286306)); //These coordinates should work for the zwiftblog map

map.fitBounds(bounds); //map should be replaced by the reference to the leaflet map you created.
var overlay = new L.ImageOverlay(URL, bounds, {
opacity: 1


As there are now official maps (thanks Jared) available the URL and bounds of the above script can be updated for Watopia (example image see below):

var URL= "";
var bounds = new L.LatLngBounds(new L.LatLng(-11.6259647979,166.993577383),new L.LatLng(-11.702504291,166.9164121));



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  • This would be a great idea because the real world map doesn't reflect the Zwift environment. This is true especially for Watopia and for London, where the Box Hill is overlapping a part of the city. This makes the map on Strava useless when you want to see where you rode.

    Another good way to solve this issue would be to create a "Virtual Zwift world map" on Strava where everything is in place according to the "Zwift World". This would require a collaboration between the Zwift and Strava teams, but it would make the map on Strava more useful and accurate.

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  • This would be much more helpful to see what my friends are doing on Zwift. I pay for both Strava and Zwift, so it doesn't seem too much to ask that they are more integrated.

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  • I believe that Zwift now has official maps as well that they have incorporated into their mobile app and the game itself. It seems like Zwift could easily share these to promote Zwift/Watopia on Strava.

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  • The map in Daniel's post is now out of date.

    The Zwift forum on it seems quite open to sharing the official maps:

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  • Soooo.... when is this finally happening?

    Everytime I ride the Vulcano Route, my friends think I swam somewhere in the pacific :D

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  • Couldn't agree more. I get that Watopoa is a real place, but Strava knows the session data is coming from Zwift so could show the Zwift world maps instead of the IRL ones.

    There must be thousands using both.

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  • Over two years now, and nothing happend?

    Come on, Strava!

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  • Hi Strava guy's,

    get moved.

    This should not be so tricky to get implemented

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