Elevation gain for trail running activities in the feed

I run primarily on trails and others in my Strava network are primarily trail runners. What I find annoying is that Strava focuses on pace for running activities and ignores the elevation gain. So not only my hard work climbing all those vertical feets not reflected in the feed but my pace also looks very slow compared to a typical road run. On web interface Strava does show elevation gain when it exceeds 100 ft/mile. Why doesn't it do the same in the app? There is plenty of space in the UI.

I wanted to mention that for hiking activities Strava does show elevation gain and total time rather than pace. Trail running in many cases is closer to hiking than to road running. Pace and mile splits just don't matter as much but how much you climb matters a lot up to the point that I make weakly climbing goals when training for trail races.



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  • I fully support this, it has frustrated me for a while. Also, show GAP in the mobile app. Might convert me to a premium member.

  • +1
    Please show elevation gain in Strava Mobile App's feed.

  • OK, so as a result of a recent change Strava now does show elevation gain in the feed if the the total elevation was more than 100 ft per mile. Great! But it doesn't show time or pace for those activities anymore because, according to Strava, there isn't enough space. So, basically, Strava shows just Distance, Elevation, and Achievents. Or Distance, Elevation, and Time. But it can't show all 4 things together even though it looks like there should be enough space to fit everything. Could this be fixed?

  • @Strava, can it be optional?

    I run the same route every second day and my elevation doesn't change - I want to see pace instead.

    Thank you!

  • Hi! Grr! I live in an extremely hilly city. It’s now showing elevation in precisely the way you describe. Please could this be a configurable option? I prefer pace for the summary screen. Thanks for the lovely software, released with care. It’s appreciaed.

  • I use Garmin Forerunner 935 and noticed my runs since 14 May 2018 display Elevation Gain instead of Pace from the feed screen.

    I haven’t seen anyone have this issue so i’m pleased I’m not the only one, thanks for the post Stanislav.

    If anyone knows if or how its possible to change it back to Pace please let us know.

  • I´m also waiting for this feature!

  • Update -

    I changed the barometer setting to altimeter from auto and manually set the altitude acurate for my location.

    This improved my FR 935 to display more accurate elevations so my run then showed pace instrad of elevation gain.

  • I don't run on trails and the elevation gain in my running activities mostly comes from inaccurate GPS. I started seeing many activities on flat courses for which strava's feed only shows the elevation gain and not pace. it doesn't sound like a good idea that Strava picks either of pace or elevation gain automatically. Users should be able to choose which one to show on the feed. Otherwise, the feed should show both pace & elevation gain as Stanislav suggests.


  • All my runs trail or otherwise are now showing elevation gain, please tell me how to make them show pace again.

  • Yes noticed this too and annoying. What’s more annoying is that they haven’t responded to this feed, despite it being posted 7 months ago. Isn’t this meant to be Strava support?

    ps. Same thing with the pace bars on the app last year suddenly switching from large being slow to large to large being fast.

  • Half the time I run in a hilly seaside town and half the time in the city, but I can't compare my performance directly using Strava because in the first location it records the elevation and in the second my pace. I'd like to be able to choose one or the other!

  • Now the app shows BOTH elevation gain and vertical feet, which are 2 different numbers. Does anyone know what these numbers mean? @Strava?

  • Why can't we set the ft/mi. threshold ourselves?

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