Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate on Android

Xiao mi MI BAND 2 is a popular and affordable fitness band. It's come with Bluetooth 4.0 LE. But still android version Strava cant detect it, but work's well on Apple.. Please kindly update asap. Thank you




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    My apologies everyone, 

    The work needed to support the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for the Strava app for Android is on hold in our backlog. I will let everyone know when this status changes as best I can. 

  • i agree

  • I'do love that too. I'm using Android 6 and Mi Band 2.

  • Agree

  • Agree. Stava, please update android app so it can recognize xiaomi mi band 2.

  • Yea, update please

  • i have told Dev in their email to update android strava so it can recognize miband 2. i think they still work on it

  • +

  • Yes, there is a bug with Strava that it does not recognize my Mi Band 2. Android 6.0.1


  • same for me - why does Strava not support the new Xiaomi band 2 under Android?


  • In my organization at least 45 people (whom I know) use Xiaomi Band 2... Strava andriod app is a showstopper for us without support for Mi Band 2

  • Yes, please. Update and support Mi Band 2!!!. 

  • Please do it. Its is the best selling fitness band these days.

  • Please update

  • Strava mi band 2

  • Runtastic do it since the first day, its not difficult

  • I would use Runtastic rather than Strava if Strava still do  nothing supporting Mi band 1 and 2 before the end of 2016.


  • please strava please!!!

    mi band 2 support!!!

  • When will strava reconize that this is a failure? Please adapte Android app to Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

  •  Yes, please. Update and support Mi Band 2!

  • Waiting for your uptodate 

  • Waiting too..... With endomondo works perfectly, ill change my premium account to strava when this work..

  • I want Strava suport for Mi Band 2 too!!!

  • I also would like support for the M iBand 2.

  • I succesfully export data from mi band 2 to strava.

    I use notify&fitness mi band from playstore.

    You got very2 usefull feature like realtime HRM and can upload your workout to strava. 

  • Mi band 2 should be officially available to use or buying Premium makes no sense

  • We are testing this device to see if we can support the Heart Rate with Strava for Android. I'll keep everyone updated with any news when it's available.

  • Great news Elle,

    if you need a beta tester for strava+miband2+android im in!



  • Please Support xiaomi mi band 2 !

  • please look into the Amazfit Smartwatch/Pace device, it has a identical HR sensor in it, and its based on android wear 5.1.1, i'm pretty sure that it will be relatively easy to add, its like the Sony/Motorola smartwatches.

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