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E-Bike category has no segments


I hired an e-mtb and rode on some of my regular trails.

I uploaded as an e-bike which to my disappointment had a completely different set of segments.

It would be far better if it included e-bikes (but marked as e-bike) in the main section of Strava so that we can ride our favourite segments and rate them against our own times and our followed and followers.

If they are in the main section you could have an option for people to either mask or un-mask e-bike depending on their feelings about them,






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  • @ELLE and STRAVA

    one year passed and still no news for the eBike segments ??

    I stopped my premium account and lot of my friends who ride eBikes are waiting to have same sagments for normal and electric bikes as we all ride both segments !

    we are in July 2018 and no news more from your side ...

    Now that's not proffessional !


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  • I also stopped paying for premium Strava and know others that have until segments are sorted. I get offers of free premium Strava regularly and always e mail them back say sort segments but nothing. In the alps a few weeks ago emtbs out numbered mtbs 2-1 so Strava will have to do something.

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  • Dear Strava,

    What are you waiting for to dupiclate mtb segments to emtb category?

    Nothing hard to do since you have allready all the data in your database. 

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  • Strava , when are you going to address the Ebike issue over segments , i can see that the issue has been raised well over 12 months ago and we are still facing the same issues, you've just changed from premium to summit to make more money for strava so why don't you listen to your customers and create a separate leaderboard on the same segments or allow us to copy across to ebike category. Strava is not fit for purpose for E bikes and is definitely not value for money. I'm am not sure if i will continue paying for summit.


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  • To be honest I think it might be better if Strava is closed for Ebikes at all. Like it was in the beginning. The motto was: only muscle power!

    The acceptance of EBikes leads to lots of fake KOMs and lots of work to flag those rides. No, a lot of real bikers simply do not want to share their leaderboard with EBikes, because it does not make any sense. It‘s like comparing apples and peaches.

    Now Ebikers have their own leaderboards, and that should be fine for them! They can create sements whatever they like. Why still complaining? Real bikers do not want to compare with electic aided efforts. And, really, I don‘t know any EBiker who pays for Strava (wouldn‘t make any sence btw, at least for the training functions), but I know some real bikers who canceled their premium membership, because they are disapointed that Strava doesn‘t do anything to get rid of those fake leaderboard positions automatically.,

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  • Get with the modern age Dirk. 

    Real bikers Lmao. 

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  • Modern age = save electric enery -> i am perfectly going with that :-)

    Real bikers: yes, bad words, was not meant to offend someone, should have wirtten „regular bikers“ or something like that.

    Strava: why not start an „E-Strava“, only for E-Bikers. With leaderboards „250W“, „500W“, „1000W“ and so on.

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  • I think he didn't read all the comments above ...

    One day he will try an Ebike and will see that it is a different sport where you can have lot fun climbing mountains

    And that comment doesn't really help us or will help Strava to make a simply fonction to duplicate a segment from one category to another ...

    Dear STRAVA, I am a great coder and can contribute on your website and help you by doing that !

    just ask me

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  • A year since last update from Strava here?!? 

    Why is nothing happening? Will for sure cancel my premium/summit if this is not added as an option on strava. 

    Just got an EMTB and don't want to use the "hide from leaderboard" function since that will mess up the PR's! Don't want those to be  "smashed" when riding an Ebike and not being able to easily see difference between categories. 


    Please fix! 

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  • Dear Strava Support,

    I'm adding a lot of e-bike segments in my region. I can only see them in my starred list and I'm unable to share it with other e-bikers. It's basically really hard to browse them.

    Please add ability to browse e-bike segments.

    Thank you!

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  • Why are E bikes even visible on segments. They should have their own. Why would I try to compete with a motor (cycle) on a normal bike, it is not a fair match.... I have  afriend who has run several segments with a T max just to nail the KOM' fair is that????

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  • Olivier - E-bikes are not supposed to be on the regular bike leaderboards/segments. If you see that happen, you should flag the activity and select "wrong activity type" from the list of options.

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