Estimated Best Efforts not working properly

Not all my estimated best efforts are being shown in my profile for the last few weeks, just my 10k and half marathon times ... where is the rest?



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  • the solution: all private settings turn off, and on. 

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  • What if you don't have any setting set to private to begin with?

    For my account it's actually worse, it's showing ridiculous "best estimated" numbers that aren't even close to what was run.

    I compare my run to someone else who has slower pace their 'best estimated' whatever are always faster than mine, even though their pace is much slower. This is inconsistent with what one would expect to see for these numbers.

    Here's a thought, why have a 'best estimated' number at all? Since this isn't ever calculated unless you run the distance in question just use the stupid real number for the run and call it good.

    This 'estimated' nonsense is like the algo feed, totally unnecessary. Just show and retain the 'best' whatever it is, 1k, 5k, 10k etc from the runs the person has done and scrap this estimation crap..clearly it's not working right.

    Better yet, how can I completely turn off the "best estimation" setup completely?

    I just checked my 10+ mile run I did this morning and I did it in 1:21:37. Funny thing is that Strava said my best estimated 10 mile run is 1:24:37...WTF???????

    Do you see how this is not really functioning properly?


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  • same here.

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  • Hey Folks, 

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with Best Efforts. If your stats aren't updating after clicking the "Refresh Stats" button on your Profile, please write to our team so we can help! 


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  • I was also missing the 1K best effort estimate when comparing profiles with other people on strava. Other estimates were displayed correctly.

    I managed to fix this by going to my profile page, clicking the Refresh Stats button and reloading the page after a few minutes.

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