Designate between a "Group" and a "Solo" ride on Strava

This would allow Strava cyclists to tag a ride as a group ride or a solo ride, and also be able to sort segment leaderboards by those filters.




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  • THis would be a great feature.  I often ride in groups or with my team.

  • I think this is absolutely essential.  If I record a ride with a large group over the same course I usually ride solo, I can take 10-20% off of my time without any increase in effort.  This messes up how I track my improvement on solo laps/segments.

    It would also be helpful if there were a way to designate between say, a small group (2-4 riders), a typical sized group or training ride (say, 5-20 riders), and a larger group (such as the main field/peloton in a road race or charity ride) as the drafting benefits change significantly in these situations.

  • I think this would be great.  I ride solo a lot and it would be nice to compare apples to apples instead of me vs a pelaton. 

  • Agreed!

  • Agree, lot's of false KOM's where a person was drafting with a group.

  • Ditto!  This is a critical bit of information and should be a simple toggle.  

  • What they said!

  • There used to be a "Group" Ride box to tick.  I agree it would be nice to be able to filter Leader Boards like this.

  • Want want... we all know there's a huge difference....
  • Would be great for comparisons, if we could tag rides with a group i.e. Saturday Morning Group ride then filter based on these tags it would be fantastic.

    Happy for premium only feature.

  • It would be a nice feature, just when referencing back to rides.

  • More elaborate: ticking a box group or solo, and when in group link it to a club.  That way all rides, ridden in a club, can be grouped and used for statistics and totals.  That way, for instance, you can see which team member joined the most trainings of the club, etc.

  • I think this is a great idea. There's s few segments I've ridden which I know I'll never get KOM as they're won during a group ride. I could try getting my wife to drive in front of me and draft her though.... hmmmmm

  • A very good idea, we never see a stage that mixes ITT and TTT in the Tour do we?

    Have just seen that I've dropped 10 places  to 13th on a segment by a group of 10 that was 4s faster than me, it ruins one of Strava's main features.

  • Count me as a vote against

    a) it relies on self-reporting so it's useless anyway for any purposes of filtering or comparing against others.

    b) it can't take into account mixed rides where some efforts are solo and some are group
    c) it really just doesn't matter why someone else was faster than you
  • Good idea!

  • Great idea - just had a 2.2 UCI ranked race go over some of my local climbs. There's no touching those leaderboards ever again...

  • This is a great idea.. Since we all know that drafting can increase your top end speed depending on who is pulling.

  • Well, in response to Steve Weixel about one point, Strava can tell if you made a ride with other people *if* they upload their rides to Strava. In fact, that's what's so frustrating about the leaderboard. I'll see the KOM of some stretch of road which is normally pretty windy, and you look at the KOM's ride and it says "Ridden with 9 other people". Well...  no *wonder* that whole pack occupies 1-9 on the leaderboard now..

  • Maybe the best thing would be for people to get out and make some friends...

  • Lots of group rides will race up hills and stuff though rather than go together, then it' more like a solo effort? And if you draught behind a bus that's also "cheating" should we mark that as well?

  • The system definitely has to rely on integrity from each individual user. It's pathetic think that anyone would get a feeling of pride or accomplishment by being dishonest and drafting behind a bus or riding in a car to get a KOM, but I'm sure they're out there.

    Riding in a group can result in a faster time than an absolutely solo effort, fact, so there needs to be a separation, Group or Solo. 

    Using your example of the group reaching a hill then racing up, I know that my legs are much fresher when I reach a hill after having drafted on the approach, so my solo sprint time will be faster.

  • @ Joe...

    • Flat ground segments are silly anyway
    • Someone can be in a group where the other people aren't on strava and then what do you do?
    • Strava can mis-identify you as being on a segment with them if you pass them on the segment
    • You can be with other people but pulling the whole time
    • You can be on a ride with other people, but not with them on the segment
    • Fastest over a segment is faster over a segment. quit whining.

    @ Matt
    • A lot of people don't care about their KOMs. Do you think Ted King cares when he takes a segment from someone? Should we eliminate all people faster than us so that it's fair?
    • Of course riding in a group can result in a faster time but who cares? It does not follow that there NEEDS to be a separation.
    • Using your example of your hills being less fresh after riding to a hill, what about the people who drive to the hill? Should they be eliminated on fairness grounds?
    • Fastest over a segment is faster over a segment. quit whining.
  • Your legs will be even more fresh if you drove your car to the start of the segment.

    I do see the argument though. Personally I'd like the tag along with "windy" and "wet" really just for my own notes but if I cared that much, I'd put it in a comment or the description of each ride or something.

  • Why is this even a discussion? Steve said it best with this comment

    "c) it really just doesn't matter why someone else was faster than you"

    If someone in a group takes your KOM, then ride in a group and take it back. It's about creating a fun competitive atmosphere, not being posessive and whining that someone else rode their bike faster than you, regardless of why. A win is a win and a loss is a loss, regardless of why it happened.

  • Opinions are like.... and of course, everybody has one. I am sure the nice folks at Strava will see all those for (and the very few against) this and make their decision to implement it accordingly.

  • @ Steve

    -No, if he's the fastest then he should own the KOM

    -You are right, it does not need to have separation, but it makes sense to me and many others who have requested it.


    -no whining, this is a feature request board, open to anyone on Strava, just having a discussion as to whether it's a good idea or not. Strava will decide.

  • @ Matt, but he isn't the fastest, the other 9 guys were

  • I have been wondering...  Can someone explain to me why teams do not ride in the ITT stages?  Steve....?  John....?  Anyone....?

  • so now we are comparing Strava's KOM feature to time trials?


    Jesus, what has this world come to?

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