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Improvements to Pebble Intergration

So I use my Pebble when both cycling and running and it is great that Strava integrates with it, however a couple of simple tweaks could really improve the usability.


#1: Showing seconds on 1 hour + activities.

Once an activity goes beyond 1 hour you only show hours an minutes, I assume to avoid getting the screen too cramped on the Pebble. However the problem occurs in that I use my pebble to Pause and Unpause activities with removing my phone from my pouch/pocket wherever it might be, and then having to take off my gloves. Once I get to 1 hour + I have no idea whether activity is paused or unpaused without staring at my watch for 1 min to see if it changes. Some other fitness tracking apps do show seconds on 1 hour + activity and it is not too bad, a little squeezed but readable..


#2 Periodically Reinitialising the Connection

Occasionally I knock my Pebble back button  (almost guaranteed to happen on a long multi-hour ride at some point) and it removes the fitness tracking screen from my Pebble. The only way I could possibly get it back is to stop and finish the activity and start a new one, which obviously I don't want to do. Other tracking apps this has happened on seem to come back after 5-10 mins when they appear to reinitialise the connection, so it would be useful if you reinitialised the connection every 5 or 10 minutes or perhaps when you pause/unpause an activity.


This are just my 2 minor greivences when comes to using Strava & Pebble together, otherwise it is a great feature and capability to have.






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    I'm so sorry everyone, but we are ending support for Pebble and will not be able to pursue this request. Read more here.

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  • #3: Please add the current time of day to the display.  if it is too cramped, then alternate the time with the "moving" time.every 10 seconds or so.

    #4: Use the up and down buttons to cycle through different views.  Current time, moving time, map, instantaneous speed, average speed, etc.

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  • Hey,

    I've just published my Strava powered watchface, Streble, to the Appstore. I've been working on and using this for a couple of months now and it's finally ready for everyone else. I appreciate it's not going to be for everyone but if you use Strava then this is the watchface you need! It has weekly goal progress displayed at all times in a stylish minimal way and monthly and all-time stats at the shake of your wrist. It also has low battery and BT disconnect indicators.

    Let me know what you think and like on the Appstore if you think it's useful.



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  • #3b: Add an indicator to see if strava is recording an activity or is paused. For example, in 'paused state', make the time blinks or something like that.

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  • #5 Add option to turn on vibrate at every mile/km.

    #6 Display distance to two decimal places

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  • +1 for #2 Periodically Reinitialising the Connection 

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