Feedback for Search features on Strava

We hear a ton of feedback around searching on Strava, especially when it involves Activities and Routes. Below are some of the most popular requests for search improvements on Strava. Please add your thoughts and feature requests as a comment here!

Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Similar to the Segment Explore feature, this would provide an interactive map-based search for Strava Routes in an area. Add filters by elevation, distance, time to narrow the search. What other filters or search criteria would be helpful for Routes? 

Map-based Explore feature for Activity Search

Similar to an Explore feature for routes, how can a map view enhance Activity searching on Strava? Could the Strava Global heatmap be leveraged to help visualize where to search for Activities? 

Search Activities by Date Range

The current Activity Search feature does not support searching for a specific date range, for example 'this year' or 'this month'. Searching by date range would make it easier to find Activities for a certain event or time. 

Activity/Route Search by Following or Clubs

Only search Activities or Routes of those you're following or from members of a certain Club.

Improve the Search features for "My Activities"

  • Filter my Activities by shoes or bikes: Search my activities based on a specific piece of gear
  • Add a sort column for Average Speed or Average pace from "My Activities"
  • Search for keywords in Activity descriptions, add an Activity hashtag system for searchability 

Let us know what we've missed! 



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    Hello everyone! 

    We've just redesigned the My Activities page with more robust filters. You can filter by commute, by private activities, by gear (bike type, shoes), by run type and ride type. 

  • Another option is to "save" a route i.e. bookmark (or add to 'favourites) a ride (which may not be by a friend or club) to review at a later date so you can download the GPX. You then locate your saved or favourite routes so you can see map and profile details then decide whether to download the file. 

  • In "Explore -> Activity Search", i think it could be useful to add the "date" and "athlete name" columns in the result list.
    Then, these fields, and also all others, should be sortable ascending and descending.

  • It would be extremely handy to be able to search my activities by their comments. Ie search for activities with comments containing particular words or phrases. Without this feature comments on old activities becomemail almost meaningless as it's too hard to find the particular activity.
  • @Massimo - I agree this would be useful! I also think that date and athlete would be great to see in the Activity Search.

    @Ian - Gotcha, might have to be a more power search tool to include activity comments, but worth looking into. 

    Thanks for the feedback! 

  • I'd love a feature where friends can see any routes I've created.

    Currently they can get to ones which I've just created and thereby appear in their activity line but there's no way to view all of an athlete's routes

  • Focussing on the interfaces to viewing my own routes, I'd like to see the following:

    • Filtering/Searching - I keyword my routes with the location and distance, so it would be nice to be able to search for all my routes that have keywords in the title to show me all my routes in the Wimbledon area, or the 10K routes etc. Other people may have more creative uses for keywords in route titles. Even more useful would be to expand the activity searching to routes as well - so I can find all of my routes that are nearby a town or postal code etc.
    • Sorting - I'd like to be able to sort my routes too. Initially sorting by distance and elevation, but number of times the route has been used (why don't we match routes and activities yet?) would be fun too, as well as the default creation date.
  • It would be great if we could do a quick preview of the route map when viewing the list of search of results for activities.

  • Public Route Searching:

    I really like the idea of being able to search others' public routes, especially ones that have been carefully planned out. It would be good to have some kind of voting/rating system (this route is good/bad, well-thought-out or a very rough guide) or reputation system, or something like that. Also appropriateness of routes for different levels (this route involves 60km/hr roads, this route is in traffic, this route is mostly/all trails), whether this is manually specified/tagged (by creator or raters), or automatically detected (from strava heat map, or the types of cyclists who use it).

    Some kind of collaborative filter (think could be very effective, using riding history and my own routes to match me against similar riders, and suggest routes that they have created/used, or some kind of classification of riders into different groups (elite peloton road cyclists, MTB trail riders, commuters, velodrome junkies, relaxed sunday riders, etc)—I'm assuming you have some developers interested in Machine Learning... And this could be applied not just to route recommendations/appropriateness, but to route planning using the heat map/popularity function—I often find the route planner tries to direct me down some really high traffic roads, when there's a perfectly good bike path nearby, while a friend of mine would want the opposite, and can't handle the slow pace on a dedicated bike path, and insists on riding on the highway.

    I also want to be able to search my own routes, both on the website and on my phone, even if just by name. I've pre-planned dozens of routes, when I hear about a good ride or decide to plan how I'd get to a friend's place, I want to be able to get back to those if/when I decide to do the ride (whether I'm re-using an old route, or just never got around to riding it at the time). The 'star' flagging feature is very useful for finding a route on the website, and being able to have it at the top of the list when I go to ride (and I would hope you keep this feature), but basic search (even just by name) among my own routes would be very helpful.

  • I would like to be able to sort my activities by Commute tag as well as by bike.  

  • Search does not work for me even when looking for a word in the "Title". It finds results, but it misses lots of results. This seems to be a bug. I didn't notice it a couple of years ago. Could it be a problem with only searching rides on specific servers (??). I would love to see this fixed.

  • IT would be really nice if people could rate their routes, sometimes i ride something that i would really recommend to others. Sometimes there are routing errors so i want people to avoid riding it again...

    Ratings could make this a lot easier!

  • Allow partial word searches. For example, searching for "canyon" won't find activities titled "canyons". Likewise, "climb" won't find an activity named "hillclimb".

  • Dear Garmin, has any work started on fixing/improving search yet?

  • I would like to be able to search for people I follow, basically like Facebook.  On FB when I start typing it first starts searching my friends, then pages I like and then other profiles.  On Strava I follow many people, so my dashboard showing the recent activities of each of them is very long.  I know I can go to my profile, then click on who I follow and find that person and click on their name and then it'll show me just their activities, but that seems unnecessary, why not just have a search field where I can type on their name and it immediately searches who I follow for someone matching that name.

  • For the "Activity Search" page, the actual search options are pretty good since you can select city, activity title, and define what type of ride type (MTB, Road, etc.) and the distance/elevation tools. A date range option, maybe better support of Boolean search terms or ability to use quotes to search only for exact terms, add a search field for activity "Descriptions" (i.e. comments), and being able to easily select and only search activities from a specific user, user you're following or club/group might be nice additions.

    The main problems I have with the "Activity Search" feature isn't necessarily the initial search options through, but instead is the search results. Some people edit out the date from their activity title so you can get a ton of the same ride names and don't know when they occurred. It would be nice to see a "Date" column added and perhaps average speed column in search results. Also all of the data columns should be sortable (e.g. sort results from max to min distance, min to max, time from shortest to longest, etc.).

    Another big issue with the "Activity Search" feature is it doesn't have an equivalent of the "Segment Explore" tool. You pretty much rely on individual naming conventions to be able to find rides or routes you might be interesting in trying. For example, if I search my area there might be five or six "morning ride" or "morning run" activities that don't tell me much when/where they're at and the route. It would be great if there were an option on the current "Activity Search" page to show ride thumbnail pictures which is the main thing I'm interested in. Then develop a separate "Activity Explore" feature/tool/page similar to the "Segment Explore".


    Of the two current segment searching tools I almost always use the "Segment Explore" even if I'm looking for a particular segment that I know its name. I'll zoom in to the area where I know it's located and then keep moving the map around until it shows up. This usually works well unless it's one that isn't ridden often or the map area has a ton of segments since only ten are displayed at a time. Instead of having to zoom in and out and pan the map around and hope the segment shows up it would be great to have a "Results 1-10" and arrow or link to see "Results 11-20", etc. until all segments in the displayed map tile area are shown.

    Another problem with both the "Segment Search" and "Segment Explore" tools/pages are the search options. On the "Segment Search" page the search box is titled "Segment Name or Location" while the search box on the "Segment Explore" page doesn't even say what you can put in. For the longest time I thought you could only enter a segment name or the location and didn't know you could type something like "segmentname, city" and get more specific results. Perhaps it would be easier to understand if there was a tool tip "?" with a pop-up showing examples of search patterns or offer two different search boxes, one for segment name and one for location.

    On the "Segment Search" and "Segment Explore" pages, for cycling activities it would also be nice to be able to define a "Grade" range from negative (for downhill MTB riders, for example) to positive range to be better find climbs. Not all steep grades are long enough to rate the "Climb 1", "Climb 2"... "HC" ratings so it can be hard to find short segments if you're looking to quick, steep intervals for example there's no way to even search for downhill mountain bike segments. For running, maybe add a tool tip "?" pop-up that states what exactly "Flat", "Hilly" and "Steep" mean and offer better ways to search for certain running terrain like ability to toggle on an elevation profile thumbnail on the results page (this might be nice for cycling search results as well).

    Again similar to the "Activity Search" page, for the "Segment Search" page you should be able to sort data columns in the search results and also be able to toggle on a thumbnail of where the segment is located.

    The biggest problems I have for the "Segment Search" page and why I don't use it is that it doesn't have multiple result pages and I have no idea how the algorithm defines which results will be displayed if I'm trying to find all segments in a specific city, for example. It's also hard to find cycling-specific activities that are bike type-specific, such as road or MTB. With the current search tools, if it's an area I'm familiar with I'll just use the "Segment Explore" and look for trails in the hills that I know are good for MTB or maybe CX, but if it's an area I haven't ridden it can be hard to tell if it's a road or trail, paved or dirt. I'll often need to switch to satellite map imagery and zoom in close enough to hopefully be able to decipher surface type and general condition but this doesn't always work well.

    The following is probably going to be a bigger challenge to implement, but individual segments need the ability to have metadata assigned to define "best for xx bikes" check boxes/tags or maybe "dirt", "paved", "mixed" categories. For specific routes and longer segments, especially for MTB it would be beneficial to assign a style/discipline tag (i.e. DH, Enduro, hill climb, XC, etc.) This would be good going forward for newly created segments, but I could see a challenge in how to handle old segments/routes if the creator/owner is no longer active. Perhaps offer a community editing option where if a certain percentage of the people who have attempted or ridden the segment/route flag it as a certain type or metadata tag it will be applied permanently and could then be found in search results.


    Another suggestion related to metadata and various search tools, I like how Geoladders offers the ability to comment on routes and add/assign photos to an activity and then add comment/descriptions to the photos and search that text. It would be great if Strava offered web-based photo uploading and a photo editing page for each activity or segment where you could drop a photo thumbnail pin at the correct portion on the segment's route/path (either automatically based off embedded camera EXIF data matched to time taken or GPS coordinates (for GPS-enable cameras) as well as manually adjustable using something like the slider tool in segment creation to move start/end points).

    You could then offer the ability to search for activities/routes/segments that have or don't have photos. Offer the ability to search the text assigned to a captioned photo or the activity's info/comments (which could be the originator's or the user community comments). This would all help in searching and finding other activities/routes/segments that I might be interested in and allow for a better sense of community and sharing information about that activity/route/segment. If someone still has a question or wants more info, if there was a private messaging system you could also click on a user's name and send them a message about the activity/route/segment and perhaps offer a feature similar to discussion forums where you can subscribe or have a dashboard/control panel to see notifications if someone recently comments on one of your activities or segments.


    To go off a little further on a tangent of items and add something that would help in search results, when I go to a segment page or am looking through a search results list it would be great to see a "last edited or created" date column. Then in the segment page show an edit history. I've ran into instances where I've searched for a specific segment and the originator/owner changed the name so it would be nice to open the newly renamed segment and see a change log including the old names. This could also include summaries of other change/edits similar to the history page on a wiki. I've also ran into segments where the owner or an admin moved the start/end points and it would be nice to know when this happens and be able to at least see the old points.

  • Hi,

    Strava is super in terms of information but it is impossible to find it!

    I ride with lots of mates and in a fairly high segment-populated area.

    It is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating to answer simple questions: "did James ride yesterday?" or "let me look at my granfondo of last year" or find information like a segment, a ride of a mate (VERY hard/time consuming to get to a mate profile to see his rides), an activity i did or a activity that a group did. You can do it but have to navigate so much and filtter by dates and the navigate again in a list of results to find tha week was not that one, and do it again. 

    It is not easy at all. In fact it is really hard and i endup using google or veloviewer for example to find an activity(!) 

    So the suggestion is to have a searchbox where you enter any text and it searches (2 or 3 of each information type with a + for more results): 
    1) riders sorted by relevance that is a weighted calculation of: 1st if he is in your friend list, 22 groups me and him belong together, 3 the number of rides together, 4 country, 5 number of followers 
    2) activity name and description by relevance according to: my activities, my following/ers activities, my groups, activities where my following/followers participated, activities in my country, most riders participated 
    3) segment by name. Segment search algorythm is really hard to use and map zoom hides segment with an uncontrolable logic that makes segment finding a really hard task. This involves some aditional information and calculations but it can be done in parallel and would have no impact in strava core nor in usability of core features (activities, segments, rider network, groups). 

    The explanation is long but the result for the user is simple: 
    Example rider search: User types James and his mates appears (click on him and see his activity page), in the results other mate james II and i can click on the + for more riders, then the "James loop ride" made by one of the groups the user belongs to appears too. 
    Example activity search: user types Granfondo Lousa and the results have no info for riders, and appears Granfondo Lousa 2014 then Granfondo Luosa 2012 (both from my activities) and then Grandondo Lousa 2013 (a activity where my mates went + group members + lots of riders participated) 

    This would allow us to make better use of the information already on strava. If it was possible to implement this using strava api i would do it :) 

    Best regards and keep up the fabulous work!

  • I know the search function could be very complex and powerful and many people posted very interesting proposals in this thread. But could Strava developers first fix the very basic search functionality as searching by part of the word in the title for instance?

  • For me, I like the search tools that garmin uses on their activities tab.

    You can select a filter on the following items:

    1) Activity type (ie run/cycle)

    2) Time period (ie last 30 days, last year, etc)

    3) Distance x to y (ie find all activities between 9km and 11km, or all activities more than 40km)

    4) Time x to y (ie find all activities between 1hr and 2hrs)

    For me, the biggest and most important thing that Strava could implement is No 3, the distance filter.

    If I want to look at all the 5km runs or all the 10km runs I have done and compare my times, I can't do that on Strava and have to check on Garmin Connect.



  • I'd really like to have a feature which would allow me to search specifically for either point-to-point routes or for loop routes - cos sometimes you just want to get back to where you started from.

    Then people could designate their routes as being either point-to-point or loops and would simplify the search process when you want to use routes created by another user

  • I'd like to be able to search heatmaps by activity and location. Like, I'm traveling to Cleveland, TN. If I wanted to see a popular road or MTB route. It would be cool to see the heat map of the area, filtered by activity, to look for popular routes.

  • @AndyKlevorn, for that kind of search, it could be worth checking out "The Clusterer" on Strava Labs

  • I would like to be able to search by age and sex. So that I can compare myself to others more accurately. thx

  • I would like to be able to search by zip code.

  • Lot's of interesting ideas here but before adding any can't you make the basic search work reliably? From time to time I search my own activities and when I do I always seem to find the the search results are incomplete! Just did a couple of searches today using terms in the activity name and every time the results where incomplete! This is basic functionality - hard to understand why it wouldn't work. Seems this has been reported by others some time ago but yet nothing has been done.

  • Completely agree with Peter. Strava functionality is amazing in so many areas, but search is shockingly bad. When I try using search it occasionally will find a couple of runs but most are missed. I end up searching on garmin connect, finding the date of the activity, then going back into Strava strolling through my training log to the required date to find the activity.


  • For starters, I'd just like to see the search box for my activities reliably work, returning all results having the word(s) I entered show up!  I don't know if it is a bug, but it seems that way.  Example, just searched for "rehearsal" I have at least 3 runs with this word in the title, but only two results were returned.  Sometimes my searches return zero results, even though the word is in fact in title.  What gives?  I've never seen a search box work so poorly :-(

  • How about just being able to show a list of more than 20 activities at a time? At least 100.  Going back in time is very frustrating, kind of like trying to go back on Facebook.  Once I open that activity, I'm cast to the front of the list again.  argh.

  • Hi -
    Was thinking that I've added loads of people on Strava that I've ridden with - but cant always remember what rides I've been on with them- 
    Wouldn't it be great to have a feature where you could search your activities by people you follow? So that you could quickly find all the rides you'd been on with someone?


  • Some of the suggestions here are great (e.g. search by ranges - maybe distance as well as date).
    But my basic problem is search just doesn't work sometimes. E.g. I just searched for a race called Passing Clouds. But "Passing" or "Clouds" (or even "Partial Passing Clouds Fell Race" as I've called the activity) returns no results.
    This happens to me often, I would say 50% of the time search works, 50% not.
    Having failed to search out my race I then have to go back page by page - frustrating as noted in another comment. If My Activities had links to multiple previous pages at the bottom (instead of only the previous & next pages) I could jump straight to the right area, instead of having to do 10 clicks & page loads.

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