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I think it would be nice to be able to add a caption to pictures that have been uploaded via most recent Strava app that does not require Instagram or order social network.  I am thrilled to be able to upload pictures now, but a caption would be nice.  And please, none of that #bike@broken leg#car crash type of caption.





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    When you click to view photos on the Strava mobile app, you will find a new functionality to scroll through photos if there are multiple photos attached. For your own activities, you can use this new scrollable view to add captions to your photos. 


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  • I agree.  I assumed there is a way, and was just ready to open a support ticket, when I found this comment.  Really, is there no way for this simple function?  Strava - PLEASE add this ASAP or we will have to go back to using Instagram (would much prefer not to).  :-)  Thanks!

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  • ditto

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  • Hi Elle,


    How do I TAG a photo with #StravaPhoto?

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  • I'd like to say being able to upload photos independent of Instagram is an excellent improvement!  Meanwhile, I do the most accurate/complete Strava posting work from my desktop.  Is there a reason why we can't perform photo management from your nonmobile app (browser) interface?  If not, could it be enabled?

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