Add Charts for Power & Cadence to Strava App

Currently the Strava website has charts for HR, speed, elevation, cadence, power, temp... but the Strava App only has charts for speed, elevation and HR.... it's missing Cadence power and temp.... I am suggesting you add power and cadence (temp is not important) to the charts so that users can see their power/cadence and be able to analyze their rides.  The App at this time has no useful information on power or cadence and those are the #1 & #2 most important data elements in analyzing a ride.

Please add these two charts to the app.



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    As of February 10th, 2020 cadence graphs can be viewed on the activity analysis screen for ride, e-bike and virtual ride activity types.

    As of February 28, 2020 power graphs can also be viewed on the activity analysis screen for ride, e-bike and virtual ride activity types.


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  • Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. in order to use some of your training videos I need to see my cadence reading. Would also be useful if this information could also be reflected on the Echo HR watch. 



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  • I would also love to see a graph of my cadence on mobile.
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  • If you have a power meter then I can see this working but the device you are using would still need to pick up on that reading. The Strava app would not be able to give you an accurate number for power unless the torque you are putting on the drive train is measured and transmitted to the app. You could certainly come up with a number of ways to guess this number but it would not be accurate without having that torque reading from your drive train. This is especially true if you are drafting at off of another ride. Your power output can be half of the person in front of you if you are drafting well.

    I have seen other apps attempt to estimate the wattage but everyone that I have seen is completely inaccurate. I would like to think that I could output 350+ watts for 2 hours but I can't. :)

    Cadence is the same thing. If you have a cadence sensor and can transmit it to the device running Strava then you are done. However, looking at this another way, if you are in the same gear for an entire ride or riding a single speed bike then it is feasible to come up with the average cadence for an entire ride. The same would hold true if you could somehow determine what gears you were in throughout the course of a ride. If a device can be told what gear you are in, it knows how fast you are going, it knows the wheel / tire size, then the cadence at any point in the ride can be determined. At some point, I'm sure the electronic shifts will be able to transmit this data to a device and thus to an application. This would remove the need for a cadence sensor on the bike.

    Elevation....yeah, just measure that by how sore you are two days after your ride. :)

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  • Absolutely is a good idea. Also, why not be able to see the charts full screen? You can see the map full screen. I would love to see the charts in all their glory.

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  • Yes, please add the cadence chart for the overall ride.  Seeing cadence within a segment is nice, but I like seeing stats for the overall ride too.

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  • Actually, I didn’t know that Strava supports cadence till I found that post!
    Could you share a ride includes cadence graph/data to check it please!?
    If you can, send me a GPX file for any ride including cadence data.

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  • Why can't we get a cadence graph on the mobile app?  It exists on the desktop display.

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