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Add more yearly goals

The following would be super-easy to implement and will make a lot of people happy: extend the list of types for yearly goals.

Right now we have distance and time. Because I live in an area with a lot of hills, usually "meters climbed" is my prime metric and I would like to climb more this year, than I did last.

Same could be valid for all other types (like time in a certain power-heart rate zone, calorie output etc).



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    We've recently made some changes to Strava Goals. For more information please see our help article:

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  • I would like to add to this add -- the ability to have both a mileage AND an hours goal for biking. Right now I just edit and flip between them, but it would be nice to track both.

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  • It would be great to have yearly goal setting for Hiking/Walking.

    They could be combined or separate as far I'm am concerned.

    For now I am listing my hikes as running.


    Gerald Roskilly

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