Fitness and Freshness for Running

I think it will be a good idea to create also Fitness and Freshness Curve for the Running Part.. Or to include all the Trainings we upload with Hearth Analyse in the Fitness and Freshness Curve....

I Run and bike... so my Fitness and Freshness is not correct... because the running parts are not included...
And when you are only a Runner than you have no Fitness and Freshness?? That's not correct!!!

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  • Yes I think if you wear a HRM on a run then it should be included in fitness and freshness.

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  • That actually goes for all other activities. Swimming, weights etc all add to both fitness and fatigue. 

    Perhaps even incorporate a function where one doesn't need a HRM for all activities. So base that on "Perceived exertion" score out of ten and calculate a fitness score using the time spent at that exertion for a particular type of activity. 


    At this point only having it for one sport renderers the function useless!



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  • Backing this...

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  • I'm mainly on the road on my bike. Now I started to train for an triathlon. The fact, that running and swimming (although I use ar HRMduring all activities) are not included in the Fitness&Freshness display is a nogo. That makes STRAVA for me unintersting and I can't use it anymore for my training.

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  • Strava needs to fix it, they charge for a feature that isn't even half baked by only offering one discipline in the endurance athlete world. At a minimum if you record an activity with a HRM it should count towards this score. 

    Really hope it gets fixed.

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  • We are aware of the feedback you have communicated in support of the Fitness and Freshness feature for runners. It is something we have considered in the past, but have decided not to do. We may change our mind in the future, but for now this is not a planned project. 

    We still appreciate your feedback, as it will help inform our decisions going forward. Please direct your comments to the existing discussion topic.

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  • Hello everyone, a quick update. 

    Fitness & Freshness is now available to Premium runners and multisport athletes. Any activities recorded with heart rate data will now be included in your Fitness and Freshness calculations.

    Please direct your comments to the existing discussion topic.

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