Sync weight from Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect has a weight tab (direct link: where Garmin users --like me-- can keep a history track of their weight.

It would be a cool feature if the weight set in Strava > Settings > My Profile can be automatically updated from this data at Garmin Connect.



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  • I would like to track my weight loss along with my rides. I would like to graph it and set goals against weight and ultimately improving my power to weight ratio.. Sound reasonable? Could be done in Strava or imported from Connect..

  • I just purchased a Garmin Index Smart Scale and assumed OF COURSE that weight would be synced with Strava. Surprise. It isn't.

    Please please pretty please?

  • I wish updating weight "just worked" with the Garmin Connect-Strava connection.  But, there's an Android app called SyncMyTracks ( that just rolled out weight syncing. Now my Garmin Connect weight syncs to Strava and several other trackers.  It's a paid app, and the weight sync adds a little more, but less than $5 USD total.  Now if Strava could give us a weight history report/graph, that would be cool.

  • I would like fro Strava to be able to sync weight with Garmin Connect too.  

  • That would be a nice feature!

    Velo hero has this feature already...

  • Isn't Strava supposed to sync weight from the Apple Health app?  I have a Nokia scale which syncs with Apple Health.  I have Apple Health linked to Strava and there is a specific option to sync weight.  It doesn't work.  Anyone else have this problem?

  • I would love to have my garmin weight synced with strava. Doesn't seem like it would take too much work, right?

  • You used to be able to sync your wifi scale via Apple Health and I think MyFitnessPal. As of late, it doesn't seem like that works anymore. Strava has such an incredible platform and yet they leave so many loose ends unfinished, it's incredibly frustrating. Maybe when they fix simple things like this, I would consider premium again.

  • This feature would be fantastic. It would bring more accuracy to all the power data, especially because I weight myself daily with Garmin. 

    10/10 do want

  • I agree with this request to have Strava pull weight info from Garmin Connect.  I use myFitnessPal to track weight, body fat, calories etc. and Garmin Connect pulls data seamlessly from to get Strava to pull from Garmin like it does so well with all my workout data!

  • It makes sense for this to sync.  I forgot to update my weight and it makes a major difference in the performance numbers.  I wish it would update from Garmin or MyFittnessPal.  Please, please, please!

  • This would be amazing.

  • Same.

  • Yeah please bumping

  • I would really like this feature added.

  • Dear STRAVA Support,

    indeed, synching the weight with Garmin Connect would be really nice!

  • I'm new to Strava and absolutely love the application's value proposition as a "meta platform" to consolidate data from external niche specialists. I'm rather dumbfounded, though, that you guys fail to streamline such a basic.

    Up-to-date body weight is even necessary in-app for your caloric calculations to be correct. I resent having to update this manually several clicks deep in the settings before every session. I won't get startet on body composition data, but this stuff concerns every single athlete, no matter the sport. 

    Please prioritize such bread-and-butter stuff over integration with some marginal cricket ball flight pattern analysis app this year. I'm sure Tanita or some other established late-to-the-smart-game player in the scale/analysis market would love to supply the physical functionality.

    Low-hanging fruit, guys :)

    Best regards

  • I recently added support for Garmin Index scales to my subscription app Smart Scale Sync. It will send your weigh-ins from Garmin to Strava via API.

    It's been popular amongst TrainerRoad users:

    I've found keeping my weight up to date improves the accuracy of metrics like burned calories and estimated power.

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