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I want to add more fields.  I want to see Elevation, Heartrate, Speed, Average speed, Cadence all on one screen or a simple swipe to change screens.  Maybe this exists and I just don't know how to use it but I am seriously thinking about getting RWGPS instead or just get a Garmin next year.



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  • recently got a Wahoo Elemnt and it has a unique "zoom" feature to show more/less data.  Tons of data available.  Also, RWGPS map and turn instructions.

    My phone mount snapped, phone went flying.  Otter box saved it.  Now it's in a bike bag.   So, I just gave up on Strava. Nice speedometer, but can't see it in my bike bag.  If they ever get audio cues to work while biking, I'd reconsider.  I'd like the audio goose/information, but MapMyRide does that.  Even Strava's "race" against your PR  is just based on the Average of the PR.  Also a Funky means to get to see your Segment vs PR display. And the important information, TIME, is to small.  So much potential for Strava for data. They are just to small a company to respond to customers.

    Point being, I'm like you. The app collects all sorts of data.  But fails in giving it back to you in real time.

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  • I'd also like to see Gradient or Grade %. My comparison is Cyclemeter where Grade % is calculated on the fly.

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  • Percent grade or elevation are options.  Tried to find a list of data available but could not find it.  Goose Wahoo to get more info.  Sensor types are mentioned online.

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