Remove segments for shuttling / uplifts

HI as we do a lot of shuttling (vehicles up the hill) we get a lot of KOMs but also on the downhill that we ride we get some good times, but the ride gets flaged so out times dont count on the runs which we want to. Is there anyway of cutting out the up segments in a ride, other then just cropping out one bit. Yes we can stop the recording on the up, but it is a pain always having to get it out of the pack etc.

so it be cool to just click on the segments we want to remove from the ride and the guys who ride up the hill wont flag all of our up hill vehicle rides



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    Thanks Matt - we have multiple different threads on this same topic, that you can find here, here, here and here. Please be sure to check them out! 

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  • "Official" response is check the other strings with no as an answer....

    Replying "No would of been simpler

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  • Yes please, we need a way to mark climbs as having been a lift/shuttle/gondola. With the number of us asking for this feature, how is this not a thing yet?

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  • My buddy uses Trail Forks, which he has auto syncing to strava. He can delete lift/gondola from his activity through that somehow. I keep forgetting to try his way... But yes stava, why isn't there an option to recognize and delete shuttling??

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  • Or simply remove the lift sections?? Lots of skiing this week with many Kms of lifts in that can't be removed which is useless for tracking what you have done!.

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