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I have had a look and not found another post similar - however, apologies if this has been raised already. If it has I'll up-vote!

It would be cool to be able to use Route Builder in a Wizard-type flow where an end-user can specify a few parameters - distance, elevation, time/pace, exercise type etc - and a route is auto-generated for them. The route can then be downloaded to a wearable and the user guided through the route - like a car sat-nav - via voice-command over headphones.

The feature could use pre-existing user-generated data - "Segments" - to generate routes which are considered "good" - ie, popular with other users - in the area to better ensure user enjoyment.

The feature could then be extended with additional parameters - road/off-road; b-roads/a-roads; via local landmarks - in later iterations.

Feasibly, the experience could be encapsulated via male/female chat-bot which would also talk the user through the exercise (sat-nav) and ask questions post-event to build up greater machine knowledge & improve the feature.

The major problem I foresee would be taking into account things like roadworks, crime and other issues that might lead to litigation. :)

Cheers! Love the application!




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  • Nice idea Morgan.  Have you seen this:

    Not as cool as the feature you suggested but my preferred way to find routes, races and weekly group rides.



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  • Thanks Aaron that's amazing. It's not often you see a benevolent and beneficial use of aggregated user data so beautifully rendered!

    I will try it out this weekend for sure.

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  • Lets revive this thread now that garmin is launching fenix 5x with this kind of feature. Why they didnt put it in their mobile app is to me strange but they obviously want to make more money on hardware.

    For the strava case, i think it would be genius if you could generate routes in the mobile app. Select distance and go.

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  • I really like this idea! Don't forget about wind directions. Most people want to start heading in the wind direction so that the second half is easier.

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