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I love being able to gauge my performance against my PR for a given ride segment with the Live Segment feature. Great job there!

I do not love having to tap the screen to flip back to the Record/'bike computer' screen to view my current pedal cadence. Especially when focusing on a rigorous climb, aiming for a tap on the screen is the last thing I want to worry about.

Might it be possible to display the cadence in the lower left or lower right of the Live Segment view?

Might it be possible to make this configurable so that users can choose what metric they want to view on the Live Segment screen?

Might it be possible to display a different metric in both corners?

Just seems like it'd be a helpful enhancement request.



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  • Yes, I agree totally! Seeing HR is absolutely neccessay to see how much effort I put in.

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  • the live segment map is only needed the first time you are completing a segment and then only if you are taking a turn off the road your on.`I concentrate on the remaining distance left and whether I am  behind or in front. Would much prefer to have a space for heart rate and/or speed ,not ideal or practical to toggle back and forward on screens when your really trying

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