Using a Saved Route to Post an Activity

The original Post for this is closed, so I am adding this.   I've been trying to decide whether Strava, Garmin or May my Ride is the best way to track workouts,  mine are all on a bike.  They do not play well together.  While this feature is not available in either Strava or Garmin, I can't find it,  its very easy in Map my Ride.  Open the Route in Map My Ride and there is a large orange button to "Log this Workout".   Unfortunatey, when I upload Map My Ride data to Strava, only distance comes across accurately,



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  • This issue and feature request has been around for over 2 years. The fact that it's still an issue begs the only semi-rhetorical question: is Strava even continuing to do any development on its app or website?  This feature has existed even on the FREE platform DailyMile, for years.

    Strava could enable users to do this and yet "asterisk" the workout as ineligible for flybys, segment bests, pace analysis, and probably other analytics. I'm not a long-time Strava user (yet) but maybe there are some users out there who game the system for the sake of segments, flybys and other stats, even though I can't even image what anyone would do that for. First and foremost, you'd be lying to yourself, which is the number one rule not to break when training. 

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  • here it is 2020 and I too am looking for what I imagine to be a simple piece of functionality (although I'm not a programmer in any way, shape, or form).  


    Has anyone on this thread found a resolution?

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