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I'd like to see a couple of percentages listed for each segment so I can see how I perform against everyone else. All the data is already there in the segment details display. I'd like to see:

1. What percentage of the riders who have ridden the segment I am faster than. For example, as well as saying I'm 483/2262 riders add in 78.6% meaning I'm faster than 78.6% of riders on that segment.

2. What percentage of the KOM speed I rode for that segment. If the KOM was 50 secs and I rode 1:18 then I'd be 156% of the KOM time.



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  • does something like this.  It reports the segments on which you have the highest %-tile placing.  So if you're 3rd/10k, that's better than 1/100.

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  • If you use a Chrome based browser you can install the StravistiX addon. It show yours ranking percentage in the segment list and comparisons agains KOM, your PR and your PR of the current year:

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  • I have the Elevate extension in Chrome (I believe StravistiX was renamed Elevate).  I have enjoyed the features shown in the screen-shot above, particularly the Rank column with the colour coding showing where I am faster than most and where I am not.

    The Rank, ΔKOM and ΔPR columns have now disappeared.  Other Elevate features (e.g. year progression) are still working fine.

    Anybody else had this problem?  Is this a deliberate change to Elevate, or more likely a problem at my end?

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  • It can be reenabled in the Gobal Settings of Elevate. Reason for it is Strava Server performane problem.

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  • An alternate to using the fastest time is to use the median time.  This is something Strava would have access to, but not so much the writer of a Chrome extension.

    For example, suppose Phil Gaimon comes off his altitude training, shows up and smashes a segment.  Everyone's % will drop.  But this didn't change anything about their performance.   On the other hand, using a median result means individual results have less effect on the percentages.


    Tracking median times is easy.  Each time a segment result is added, the median time for the segment may change upward or downward.  If a result is deleted, same deal: at most a minor shift.

    For example, suppose I have the following results:

    A: 10 minutes
    B: 12 minutes
    C: 18 minutes

    The median is 12 minutes.  Now D comes along and rides 14.  I see D's time is slower than the previous median time.  So I adjust the median time using the time next slower than the median.  In this case it happens to be D's time, and since there's an even number of results, I need to average.  Median is now 13 minutes.

    Now E comes along and does 7 minutes.  That's faster than the old median time.  Since there's now an odd number of results I use the middle result for the median.  Median is now 12 minutes.

    This could be done separately for men and women.



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  • Thanks Jan Mantau.

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