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Activities Not Counts Towards Challenges

All my privacy options are unchecked, yet all the challenges I’ve joined show I’ve logged zero miles/meter of elevation. None of my rides have been manually entered, they all come direct from Garmin to Strava (via auto-uploads), or are logged natively in the Strava app on my phone. 

I sent a request for help with this, and the response was that my privacy feature regarding segments and challenge leaderboards was enabled, and a link was provided to disable it.

Of course, being that I have no privacy features enabled, this was not the case, and the link provided just confirmed that by taking me to my privacy options... Which were all unchecked... Leading me to wonder if A. the support person even bothered checking my settings in the first place, or B. My account is so buggy that it’s showing me one thing and support another. If the latter is the case, then my account is almost certainly bricked, insomuch as fixing that will be a complex endeavor, and not something that can be accomplished via slow email correspondence, but an issue requiring true real-time phone support to solve... Which Strava apparently does not offer.

On top of that, my overall mileage for this month is off. For a complex program, I don’t see what’s so difficult in just adding up the published mileage in my completed rides... If the overall number is like a third less than that, there’s a problem.

Pretty annoyed right now. I could care less about the corny social media aspect of Strava, I use it as a platform to set goals. If it can’t do that, why am I paying $8 a month? 



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    Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Challenge Official Rules located on the Challenge page. Some general rules to note:

    - Make sure your activity is marked with the appropriate sport type to count towards the Challenge.

    - Unless a specific Challenge states otherwise, the following activities do not count towards Strava Challenges: manual entries, activities viewable by only you or your followers, stationary and indoor activities (this includes treadmill, trainers, virtual activities, indoor track, indoor velodrome, etc.) and e-bike activities.

    If you're still having trouble please submit a ticket with our Support team. 

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  • Hi there, 

    Thanks for writing in. I reviewed the ticket and accessed your most recent activity. As our rep pointed out, you have "Hide from Segment and Challenge Leaderboards" on the specific activity. Please go to your most recent activity and click the edit button. You'll see "Hide from Segment and Challenge Leaderboards" is checked. Once you uncheck that box, your activity will show up in Challenges and Leaderboards. If you would like your activities to count toward challenges and leaderboards, you have to uncheck that box within the activities. Our rep also sent you a link to your profile settings so you can adjust your privacy settings for future activities. 

    Please reach out if you have further questions! 


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  • I'm having the same problem with my rides. Nothing is showing up in challenges.  I don't see the box to select that you are talking about when I click on edit an activity.  Can you please send me a link to fix this?


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  • Not sure what has changed, but all of a sudden none of my challenges are showing my new mileage or altimeter readings.  All is correct with my mileage and elevation gain imports from my fitbit, just the challenges are not giving me the credit

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  • I also just did a run in strava and all the stats are on Garmin and strava but not counting towards elevation challenge

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