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I have a few problems with the graphs in the latest Android app (can't speak for iPhone):

- Elevation graph: even when i'm running almost completely flat (3m elevation gain last run, see screenshot below), it looks like i'm running in the hills because the total graph covers only a few meters (from 10m to 20m for example). Even worse, on the speed graph the shown elevation is exaggerated to the extreme. My last run looks like an ultra trail in the Alps (shows elevation 'mountains' from bottom of graph to the top) while it was a 5K recovery run with less than 5m height difference (look first screenshot below). Why?

Before the update you barely saw any changes in elevation when you didn't do 100's of meters of elevation gain, but this is way too much.

- Speed graph: for some reason it's not accurate at all. Low speed all of a sudden in a graph when there's nothing to see on Polar Flow, a 6 x 200m interval with 200m rest during a long run looks like 12 different distances instead of 12 x 200m, ...

Furthermore, the graph is completely out of proportion since it uses 8:00/km, 7:00/km, ..., 3:00/km. It shows every single min/km on the left, but you can't compare the jump from 6:00/km to 5:00/km (+ 2 km/h) to the jump from 4:00/km to 3:00/km (+ 5 km/h) for example. Because the distance on the graph between these 2 is the same while the speed difference isn't at all, it looks weird. 

Before the update, the speed graph went from 12:00/km (5 km/h) to 6:00/km (10 km/h) to 4:00/km (15 km/h) with the same distance between the 2 each time. This is much more accurate, as can be seen on the second screenshot below.

Also, we still see the fastest split but not when in the run you ran it.

Lastly, as seen on the screenshot below: when you 'stop' according to the app (which was just a U-turn without stopping, but okay), the total graph becomes even more useless because it wants to show you standing still (16:00/km on the graph) and therefore, making the graph a lot wider for nothing.

Before the last update these problems did not exist if remember correctly, or at least the graphs were a lot more usable. For now i use Polar Flow to analyze, hoping for a fix. Thank you for reading.

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  • I agree, the new Strava is terrible! The graphs tell you nothing now. I used to find it really satisfying to run big hills then check it out on the elevation graphs, now dead flat runs look hilly.
    Strava can you please change it back!! Or is there some way to get an old version of the app?

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  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass this on to our product managers. 

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