Workout beginning time

I've noticed that strava importing data from garmin with incorrect time when i use treadmill.
For instance, workout on treadmill began at 7.30 pm, but strava shows 9.30 am.



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  • Hi Evgeniy, 

    Have you checked your time zone settings on your Strava profile? This could be affecting it. Also, have you checked your GPS time on your Android? If you're still having issues, please write to our team here

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  • I use a gps Garmin ETrex Touch 35t + iPhone 6s for my hiking and cycling outdoor activities. My problem is basically the same as Evgeniy’s. As far as I can see, time settings on both devices and apps are correct.

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  • This has been a bug for a couple years as far as I can tell. When you do non-GPS tracked activities (e.g., treadmill, elliptical, etc.), Strava either (a) defaults the time zone to Pacific, or (b) bumps your time zone back 2 hours. I'm not sure which, since I am in central time zone (i.e., PT + 2).

    Normal runs tracked with GPS reporting fine with correct time. Has happened syncing non-GPS activities from a Garmin 10, 235, and VA3.

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