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Edit Activity: Ride Type (more options) & Custom Tags (add)

Clearly people want custom "Tags" which I also want, but it seems kind of unfair to lump all bike rides together. 

Mountain Biking vs. XC/Gravel vs. Road as "Ride Types," then people can add pre-formatted  "Tags" like "CX," "Group Ride," or "Fondo," and then create custom "Tags" e.g. "BCBR" or "Tom's Tuesday Taco Rides" (which then get added to the database to  auto-suggest to others by context).

Another benefit of different "Ride Types," would be to make activity specific challenges, 7500m climbing challenge or 1,000km distance challenge is lot harder on a mountain bike (than a road bike).

We joke on rides that a 20km mountain bike ride is 60 in roadie kilometres, and vice versa, a 100km road ride would only be 30 mountain bike kilometres.


 Feature Updates:

  • Custom "Tags"
  • More "Ride Types"
  • Challenges that distinguish between riding a mountain bike, an XC or gravel bike, and a road bike.

Please consider reaching out to your users and polling them, I don't ride the local velodrome, but perhaps they need a "Ride Type" or a specific custom "Tag".





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    Thanks for the feature requests.

    Please follow this forum for future updates.

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  • I agree with this, at least have Road, e-Bike and MTB, rather just Ride.

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  • I use it when I ride my horses to track mileage and routes. A horse Icon would be nice or the ability to add:

    Ride - (Custom Insert)

    Then its not an entirely new category for Strava to create which could become endless but we can identify our personal Ride Style

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  • Please add horse riding as there are lots of challenges that users could record if there was a horse symbol.

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  • Sim Taylor not that it will help, but Strava has said they will not add a new activity until there is enough interest.  We have tried to consolidate all the "Equine" interest on this discussion:

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  • I agree with the addition of more types and tags.  For instance I'd like to see the "Ride Type - Event" and custom tags to keep track of how I get to a ride.  Was it from home, bike to, or via car?  Personal interest for me.

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