Ticwatch problem after resetting

After resetting my Ticwatch Pro I cannot find the Starva app to download. Is there any suggestion for how I could get it on my watch



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  • I am having the same issue. Reset the watch last night, everything is updated, can not locate the strava app. Had strava working fine the day before.

  • Same here. play.google.com says the Ticwatch E is not "compatible". Wear OS 2.6.

  • Same here. Strava had the appname ‘common’ as an app. After resetting both Strava and Common are unavailable in the playstore. 

  • The same exact problem. I'm currently wasting the free trial month as I don't have the possibility to record my heart rates from my watch. Not really pushing me into continuing the subscription when I see that the problem seems to come up quite often.

  • It is even more frustrating the fact that Strava doesn't even respond.

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